Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011-03-31: A little Blur never hurt anyone

Wow - 3 months and I haven't missed a day or the Project 365 task...Yay ME! 9 months to go...
I've been really scrambling for ideas lately and looking forward to spring REALLY getting here so I'd have some fresh material. And I've been so wrapped up lately with work, and getting ready for the art show, that I haven't really put much effort into my pictures. The other night, I decided to do something different and just flip through my art books for some inspiration. I was really getting into it. I did log on and checked facebook and there was a link to one of my favorite photographers. William Neill. He had some new book out, and it turns out he had a package deal for 3 of his books. Usually $25 each was now 3 books for $12!. I quickly downloaded the ebooks and one of them was "Impressions Of Light". I've been admiring this work for a long time. He uses a blurring effect on his landscapes, and gives it a real dreamy look. Love it!
I tried this blurring back in the fall, and I had a picture I really liked. Nothing fancy, just some birch trees and some leaves that were just starting to turn. I posted it on Flikr, but my mom suggested I take it down because she thought it took away from my other work. But the other night, I was going through my files and I came across it again. And I still like it! The soft colors of the leaves and trees are pretty cool I think.


Aperture: F/5.6; Exposure: 2 sec ISO-800; taken 9/28/10 6:30pm

The blur is done just by tapping the camera at the time of hitting the shutter. Yeah, on purpose.. And it helps to crank up the ISO. After all you've studied about using your tripod and shutter release to keep things still, I go and purposely move. it. What do you think?
I'm going to keep looking thru the William Neill books, and work on this type of art some more. I'm inspired!
Sorry Mom!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011-03-30: Happy Birthday Ashley!

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday. She's is __ Sorry can't tell you. That would be rude. But I was trying to think of a good post for today, and went scrolling through my hard drive for an old pic, and found this from 2004. This was taken when I took the kids to Nova Scotia to visit my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. We were in Victoria Park in Truro with my Aunt Marg, and came across a stable. Unbelievably, the 2 horses in the stable were named Ashley and Taylor and their names were written on the fence. So naturally, my Ashley and Taylor jumped into the corral for this photo op.

Taylor and Ashley: Fenced in, in N.S.

Aperture: F/4.8; Exposure: 1/90s: Kodak CX6330 Easyshare:

That was a fun trip and brings back some great memories. I'm sure seeing this will bring a smile on the girls' faces. And that's what life is supposed to be about, right? Smiling! They make me smile.

Happy birthday Ashley. Love you! See you tonite. Miss you Taylor! Wish you were home.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011-03-29: Car-Wash! C'mon and sing it with me..

Oh man, what a long day. Leg is killing, work was a bear, and I don't think spring will ever really get here. I really need the warm weather fast. I'm finding it hard to find inspiration for photos. All I see is the same old piles of ice and dirty snow, and sandy streets, and bare trees. Yuck. I really need a pick-me-up...So, I left the office for a change at lunch and ran some errands, and got the car washed. What the heck. Figured maybe I'd wash the grumpiness off me at the same time...I did get some water shots through the windshield...

Washing Away the Day

Aperture: F/5.6 ; Exposure: 1/50s; ISO-200

And tonite I'm going to do something different for a change...Stay off the computer and read. I read a few chapters of the latest book I'm reading...Sammy Hagar "Red" - Good book. And after this post (I know-back on the computer) I'm going to flip through one of my photography books. Haven't done that in awhile. Hopefully it will help give me some inspiration. Sorry for my 'tude...C'mon Summer!


Monday, March 28, 2011

2011-03-28: Through the Eyes Part 3 and Dropbox

Kind of a dumb picture today, but I was having fun with my iPhone today at lunch. You know, a boy and his toys...We have a fooseball table in my office, which is very much needed at 3:00 in the afternoon. Really gets the heart racing and gets the creative juices flowing for the rest of the day. Sue calls this place Disneyland, but I work for my paycheck, that's for sure..Anyway, I'm not here to justify the fooseball table.. But I am going to show you the next chapter of Through the Eyes....

...Of a Fooseball Goalie:

Taken with iPhone:

But what I wanted to tell you about was up for free for this service and you get 2GB of FREE storage space. You download an app on your computer, and it creates a folder there (in Windows Explorer for us Windows types). When you want to save or share something like a document or photo, just drag the file to the Dropbox folder. Then, say you go to the office and are on another can get to that file. Or you can email someone an invitation to view specific files in your dropbox.
So today, I took this picture with the iphone. (I also have the Dropbox app on the phone). I dragged fooseball picture to Dropbox which saved it to my space on the web. Then dowloaded the photo to my desktop. Added the Watermark in Photoshop, and loaded to this posting. Very cool!
There are other plans for space at a cost but 2 GB for free is very handy.  You won't need to carry around a USB thumbdrive any more.

That's your lesson for today kids...
And now...back to work..

Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011-03-27: Another Lazy Day

Another lazy day for me, keeping the couch from floating away. I don't deal well with this sitting around crap, but I really can't walk around too much without my knee killing. Hope I can get in for an MRI this week and see that is going on. Anyway, sat here and read and worked on the website and watched TV. Was looking out the window for something interesting to take a picture of, but it was too cold and the wind was blowing too hard. Not a bird in sight. So I used Bella for another shot. She just turned 2 yesterday...Here's the birthday girl...

A Quiet Contemplative Moment

Aperture: F/5.6; Exposure: 1/40s; ISO-200

Well, back to work tomorrow. Can't miss another day. Too much to do..
Hope your weekend was more exciting than mine.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

2011-03-26: Lazing on a Saturday Afternoon

Almost all by myself today...Sue's out shopping with her friend. Jordan is out working on his new car. And I'm here on the couch all by my lonesome, because my leg is killing me and can't do much of anything. They are worried that I'll be lonely while they're gone. Heh heh. I'm sitting here watching shoot-em-up movies, and working on my website, and now watching golf. And not doing chores! Me lonely? Uh-Uh..Besides, I've got Bella the Wonder-Dog keeping me company. So here is the view from where I sit..

Man's Best Friend!

Aperture: F/5.6 ; Exposure: 1/60 ; ISO-200

oh-oh..Just realized...I AM ALONE! Bella can't get me a beer...SUE!!!! JORDAN!!! Weep Weep...Guess I am lonely after all... ;-)

Enjoy jour day!

p.s. Happy Birthday Mom! Love you!

Friday, March 25, 2011

2011-03-25: Proud Poppa

I'm sitting here at home today. My knee is just killing today and the connection to the office was too slow to work. So...sick day it is. Anyway, I'm on the couch catching up on paperwork...Did my taxes..oh yay, paying some bills, oh yay...and thinking about the wonderful family I have. YAY! And I was thinking about my daughter Ashley, who was accepted into the National Honor Society at Laconia Community College this past Thursday! She has greatly deserved this honor for all of her hard and excellent work in the Human Services program...Not exactly sure what she'll do next, continue on at school or find a related job. But she'll do great. She's a very caring person and the right woman for a job that helps others. Yup-I'm a proud Poppa. And I am of all my kids. They are all wonderful people.
Here's Ash up at the induction:

Ashley at LCC

Aperture: F/4.3 ; Exposure: 1/30s; ISO-200
Taken with Nikon Coolpix S3000

Used a small camera that I wasn't very familiar with. Most of my pics came out rather blurry, but I did get this one.
Ok, now back to continuing to hold the couch down...
Have a good Friday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

2011-03-24: In the Middle of a Potential Storm

Well, remember that patch of blue sky I showed you yesterday?  That was in my backyard. And by the time I walked out to the road (c'mon, it's not really that far), it was looking a bit stormy.. Really cool shades of gray..

Storms to my Left...

Storms to my Right...

Aperture: F/11 ; Exposure: 1/100s ; ISO-100

And as I'm typing this, it's flurrying again. Good grief...Well, keep the snow coming I guess. I need an MRI on my knee and don't think I'll be golfing for awhile, even if the sun does decide to stick around.

Hey, have a good night, will ya? ;-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011-03-23: A Touch of Spring in the Air

Ah yes...The robins were out the other day, and then *WHAMMO* - More snow. Ug. We only got about 4 inches, but enough is enough...Well, sorry paper delivery guy and mail delivery lady - I'm done shovelling...My knee is a banged up mess and I'm gonna wait until the snow melts and cleans up on it's own.
So, yes, I've had enough, but I'm going to try and remain positive, and look at the blue sky through the trees as shown here:

Spring is in the Air!

Aperture: F/11 ; Exposure: 1/256; ISO-100; With Zoom

Of course, behind me are the most ominous looking storm clouds...But I'll save that picture for another day. Groan...And yes, we are expecting more snow tomorrow..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2011-03-22: A Wee bit late for St. Paddy's Day

One of my assignments for Camera Club this month was something to do with St. Patrick's Day.. Or Green. So I thought I would mess around with a nice cold glass of green beer. Complete with a Patrick's Pub mug from back in the day when Sue and I spent more time there. A nice frothy mug of Coors Light with green food coloring. On my dining room table with the setting sun in the back.

Aperture: F/6.3 ; Exposure: 1/5s ; ISO-100

Sorry about the quick post. Busy day, and a busy night. My daughter Ashley was elected to the Honor Society at school, so we are going to awards night tonite! Great job Ash! Proud of you! This Coors' for you!

Til tomorrow

Monday, March 21, 2011

2011-03-21: Happy Spring!

Ah, the first day of Spring! The robins were out in the yard yesterday-a ton of them! Searching for worms, and bugs and whatever else they could get their hands-er-beaks on. Could only mean onr thing! That's right! It could only mean we were going to get a miserable snow-storm today, which is exactly what it's doing now. It is a wet, slushy, cold, lousy day outside. Just what the doctor ordered. Well, I've got to believe that the warm weather is right around the corner so I've got to remember to get some more winter scenes done for next year's calendar. In the meantime, here is a tree that I spotted in front of Lochemere CC last week. Something about all of the intertwined branches looked kind of cool to me. Then with the blueish shadows from the woods in the background just kind of made it for me.

Winter Oak....

Aperture: F/10; Exposure: 1/80s; ISO-100;
With Zoom. Focal Length:160 mm

And here's hoping that tomorrow there will be sun to melt the snow away and then I won't have to shovel.

Until then!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011-03-20: More Fog

Last of the fog shots. This is the Majestic Mount Lochmere rising up from the scrub in the valley below. Ok, it's just a pile of dirt rising up from the grass across from Lochmere CC.  But you wouldn't have guessed that, would you? I was across the street using my zoom. The fog looked really cool on this first morning of warmth after a brutal winter.

Mount Lochmere

Aperture: F/10; Exposure: 1/250s; ISO-100

Well, it was a good weekend. Got an iPhone today, so I'm feeling connected with the world. I can post to my website from the road. And Sue made a tablecloth today for my display for the Art fair. Things are progressing along nicely. Only 3 weeks away! And I'm getting some good suggestions for the "Through the eyes of" series, so I'll be working on those soon. Oh I also need to get going on my assignment for Photo Club. But I've got a week and a half for that.

Enjoy your Monday tomorrow folks. More snow coming tomorrow. Ug.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011-03-19: Through the Eyes of... Part 2

Ok, I want to mix it up a bit. I've had a request for more of the Through The Eyes...series. Well since I didn't really have any waiting around to be posted, I've quickly got one ready to go...While not visually compelling, or a work of art by any means, I thought it was fun.  I tried to get a picture of the inside of my fridge last night. I propped the camera on a bag of shredded mozzarella cheese, and took the remote outside the fridge and shut the door. Took a bunch of those but they were kind of washed out with the auto flash.. I'll try again some other day. I want to see what happens inside the fridge when the light goes out. Anyway, I did get this shot while reaching for a beverage.  I call it...

Throught the Eyes of the leftovers...

Aperture: F/4.5 ; Exposure: 1/60; ISO-200;With Flash

If you've got any ideas for the "Through the eyes of..."  series, please let me know.

Have an awesome day...Now where did I put my beer??


Friday, March 18, 2011

2011-03-18: The Fog

As I promised yesterday, here is a fog scene from yesterday. One of those mornings when I was driving and just saw a scene that needed to have me capture it. I had to pull off the side of the road the first chance I got.
This was in a field across from Lochmere Country Club. Thought is looked pretty cool with the reeds for contrast.

Morning Fog

Aperture:F/10 ; Exposure: 1/500s ; ISO-100 With Zoom Lens 150mm

Ok, that's all I have for tonite. I'm bushed. Been a long week.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011-03-17: House in the Woods

I was driving to work this morning. A beautiful warm morning after having snow yesterday. There was a soft and tranquil fog hanging over Lake Winnisquam. I wanted to stop so bad, but there was really nowhere to pull the car over. I was dissapointed, but figured I'd get that shot another day. I kept on driving past the lake, but saw a clearing across from Lochmere Country Club. I quickly turned into the country club and got out my ever-ready camera. The fog was hovering over the marsh and I think I took some killer shots. I used my zoom and saw a house in the woods. The sun was reflecting off of the snow on the house and it looked kind of magical to me. I'll start with that shot here, and maybe if you're good I'll get the fog shots in tomorrow.

House in The Woods

Aperture: F/10 ; Exposure: 1/200s; ISO-100; Taken with Zoom 3/17 9am

Lately, I'm starting to feel that I'm spending too much time doing this Project 365 thing to really get the shots I'm looking for. But after this morning, I'm reminded that the shot will come if you're ready for it.

 Top o' the evening to ya!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011-03-16: Through the Eyes - 1...

I was looking for some inspiration last night to take a picture of. I was feeling productive because I finished my club newsletter, and I did my homework. So now I felt like having some fun. I thought of a new category for a photo series. I'm thinking "Through the Eyes". Something along the lines of not what I see, but what something else would see. So, building off of last weeks Chee-tos shot...the first of this new series is "Through the eyes of a Chee-to" In other words, if Cheetos had eyes, what would they see? Here's what it would look like in my house....

...Of a Chee-to

Aperture: F/11; Exposure: 1/6s; ISO-200

This was a difficult shot. First I had to get inside a bag, and get the lighting just right...Note that a Cheeto probably would have no rods and cones and would most likely see in black and white, as is depicted here.

I found this on someones Flikr Account...I love it! Ultimate Cheetos Prank

Obviously I've lost my mind, so I'm well on my way to success!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011-03-15: Home Today

Stayed at home where it was safe today. Needed to go see the Dr. and have him check out my knee. It was killing and it made no sense to go to my office. So I just stayed home and worked until my appointment this afternoon. And I may have a miniscus tear and a tear in the tendon behind my knee. Good grief! Golf season is right around the corner. I was playing last year at this time. I need to take some anti-inflammatories, and if it doesn't feel better by Friday, I'll need to go see an Orthopedic specialist. Grr. Well maybe that will keep me quiet for awhile. Guess I do have some things to do that can be done sitting down. Like homework for tomorrow's web design class, and I need to finish up the camera club newsletter. And I do need to put together an album of work for the Art show next month. Speaking of which, that brings me to today's picture. I bought some photo cards from RediMat, and put my 4 x 6's in them:

A Hallmark Moment?

I've got about 50 of these ready to go. Along with 5 x 7's, 8 x 10's, and 11 x 14's.
Homework done? Nope.
Newsletter done?...Nope
Ok, Blog post done? Check

1 outta 3 ain't bad.
See ya tomorrow, times a-wastin...

Monday, March 14, 2011

2011-03-14: Should have Gone Back to Bed

So, I bounded out of bed this morning, all energized after a 3-day weekend. Ready to pounce on the day and take no prisoners. Started off by doing my morning workout. 5 minutes into it, I felt a *pop* and there was a wicked burn on my right leg from the outside of my thigh to the calf. Ouch. I continued on but it wasn't fun. Then getting to work, I stepped out of my car and walked towards the office, with my backpack on one shoulder, and my camera bag on the other. Stepped on some ice and the next thing I saw was my feet up in the air. Luckily I landed on my backpack, and my laptop was safely in the office. My camera was not injured during this flight. That side of me didn't hit the ground. So, embarrassed as I was, I continued on and went to work. Took a couple of Ibuprophen just in case I started to stiffen up. An hour later, I was walking around my desk to the printer and my right knee went out. "@*$^!#", I said. And now I can barely walk at all. The back is really stiffening up now, and it's only 12:30. So, out comes something I'm going to be familiar with for the rest of the day..

Em's Little Helper

Aperture: F/10; Exposure: 1/4s; ISO-100

And of course my warranty just expired yesterday...It figures....

To repeat..."@*$^!#"


Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011-03-13: Easel-y Done

So, not sure if I mentioned this before or not. Been a busy week. Last Friday, I found out about the Lakes Region Art and Craft Fair on April 9th and 10th at Opechee Inn. I submitted an application and was accepted! This is a juried show, meaning that someone votes you in. It is done this way so that that they have quality handcrafts and quality artwork. They don't want it to be a flea markety with wholesale items. Plus they want to keep a good mix of types of crafts/art, so there will only be a few of each type of thing. This is done for variety. I imagine it gives each seller a better chance of selling their wares. Anyway, I was honored this week to find out that my photos have been approved, and I will have a booth there! I am nervous and excited. So now I have to get ready!
I have been matting some of my own work (With mats from RediMat), and getting some done at U-Frame, We-Frame, I've ordered business cards, and a banner, (from Vistaprint) T-Shirts advertising my new company (Emery Swanson Photography) Catchy, huh? I've published my website ( And Friday I took the day off and made a bunch of Easels. 2 Tall ones and 2 table-top ones. Here's one of the big ones:

Easel For the Show

Aperture: F/4; Exposure: 1/6s; ISO-400

All I need now is a black floor-length table cloth for my table. Sue will make that for me. And then, I'll be ready. The show is 4 weeks away, so I'll tell you how preparations are going along the way.
Gotta run!
Have an awesome day.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011-03-12: Another use for Zoom

Whoa...Getting late in the day and haven't had a chance to take any pictures or get them posted. My mom came to visit so we drove around and went antiquing and had lunch. Then tonite, we went out to eat with some great friends. Had a blast.  But really had no time to take anything new. So I'm going to reach into the warehouse and post something that is ready.
Yesterday's post had a picture of something close using a zoom. This one is something far using a zoom - What the zoom was made for. This shot is of a flag in downtown Laconia. I was outside at the Mill and saw this flag a few blocks away. It was swaying back and forth in the wind. And I was getting jostled around myself. I really had to squeeze my elbows in tight to my body and held the camera tight against my eye to try and get a steady shot. My feet were firmly planted, and I was trying to time the shutter release with the sway of the flagpole.

Never Forgotten

Aperture: F/25 ; Exposure: 1/6s ; ISO-100

If you aren't using a tripod, you've got to do all the things I've listed above when using a zoom in these conditions. I think the slight movement and the flags whipping, works in this picture. What do you think?

Ok, it's late, must sleep...zzz

Friday, March 11, 2011

2011-03-11: An Easy Way to Blur

As I mentioned yesterday, I bought some new Scott Kelby books. Great stuff and can't wait to learn more and more.

Here's a tip learned on the 1st page. So you want to get a closeup of an subject, and blur out the background for effect. You could take your standard lens, and set your aperture wide open (small numbers). Then get your ISO and Exposure just right. OR..., you get your zoom lens and focus on the object. That's it. Much fewer steps! So that's what I did this morning by taking a picture of the little decorative birdhouse by our front door.

Anybody Home?

Aperture: F/5.6; Exposure: 1/40s ; ISO-100 ; Zoom lens 300mm.

Of course with a zoom, you have to work harder to keep the camera still, or use a tripod. But for what I was trying to do, I think this turned out just fine. Simple, yet pleasing. What do you think?

I know what I think...It's Friday! It's the weekend. Ya-hoo! Have a good one.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011-03-10: Full Frontal in Black and White

Had you going there, didn't I? Well now that I have your attention, we'll show the front view of the waterfall from yesterday's post. Same waterfall from a different angle. De-saturated in photoshop.

Waterfall in B&W

Aperture: F/25 ; Exposure: 1/6; ISO-100

I could stand and watch waterfalls all day long. Very soothing to me.

By the way, I received Scott Kelby's Digital Photography Books, Volume 1, 2 and 3 yesterday in the mail. A valentines gift from my sweetheart.
Thanks to Mike Gagnon for the recommendation. Awesome books! Glad to have you back in the club, Mike.



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011-03-09: Waterfalls at the Mill

I know I've been really busy lately. And I find that the more I try to just get something posted for Project 365, that I am not spending time actually concentrating on my pictures. And I guess that frustrates me a bit. Or maybe it is just that I am tired of this winter and the snow, and want to start taking pictures of something in the warm sunshine.  I know. Spring is coming. So I'll try to chillax and quitmybellyachin.
Alright, back to some actual art. This was taken last month in Laconia, behind the mill on the Winnepesaukee River. A nice peacful waterfall. Framed thru a wrought-iron fence, and a bridge.  It was freezing that day, but something about waterfalls always mesmerizes me. Exposure is slowed down to 1/3s so make the water appear smooth and glass-like.

Caged Waterfall

Aperture: F/25; Exposure: 1/3s; ISO-100; Taken 2/13 2:41pm

Tomorrow I'll give you another view of this waterfall from a different pespective.

C'mon spring!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011-03-08: Not my Stuff

I always joke with my wife that my junk is confined to a little workshop (ok, and the garage, and the playroom, yada yada yada...I get it) and her stuff takes over the WHOLE REST OF THE HOUSE! With her little trinkets and decorations and do dads and what-nots. But I hope she knows that I am really just joking. I was sitting on the couch last night working, long after Sue had gone to bed. (poor kid threw her back out Sunday). And I was looking around the room for something to take a picture of and I just started to admire her latest decoration. A milk bottle and some fake berries. I thought it looked really nice, and wanted her to know that I appreciate all that she does to make our house a home.

Milk and Berries

Aperture: F/6.3; Exposure: 1/13s ; ISO-1600; taken 3/8 12:12am
(Look at me! Hiking it way up to 1600)

As she says, this type of stuff is not hers, it's ours. And I get it. It helps make our home cozy and relaxing.
Thanks for all you do sweetheart. Hope you feel better soon...
Love you!

p.s. We really need a bigger house...I'm running out of room for my junk...

Monday, March 7, 2011

2011-03-07: My Favorite Vegetable

Playing around last week and I decided to get a pic of one of my favorite vegetables. One of the 4 major food groups. Cheetos!  I know there has been some debate over the years as to whether a Cheeto is a vegetable, or a fruit. It could go either way in my book. I like the color. They taste good. And all of the ingredients, I'm sure, contribute to my excellent health and vitality.

Better than Carrots

Aperture: F/6.3; Exposure: 1/20s; ISO-200; With Flash

It was a challenge taking a picture with a flash inside a scrunchy plastic bag.
I know. You're shaking your head now. But I'm a little shack-wacky right about now after being inside all weekend working, while it rained outside. The good weather better come soon so I can get out..


Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011-03-06: Boing!

Ah, the weekend is over...Billing is done for another month. And just realized that I forgot to blog today..15 mins left in the day. So let me get a quick one in before I call it a day.  I was trying to experiment with the slinky from yesterday's post. 24 hours later and it still isn't knotted. Yay me! This is just bouncing it in front of the window. Nothing exciting, but what do you want from me after a weekend of work? It was tough to try and get a clear picture while it was bouncing.
It's been raining all weekend, and the snowbank in front of the window has gone from 5' to 3' deep. Or 8 1/2 links deep judging by these measurements:


Aperture: F/5.6 ; Exposure: 1/80s ; ISO-400

This blog is supposed to be a about what I'm doing for 365 days...and it's come down to me bouncing a slinky....Maybe I've lost my mind or maybe I just need sleep. And that's what I'm going to do now.. Sleep


Saturday, March 5, 2011

2011-03-05: Working?

As I mentioned yesterday, it's billing time for my company and I've been working. And will be pulling an al-nighter tonite. It's my most hectic time of the month, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do....Right? And it is great that I can do this from home and not go to the office. I do have time between steps that I can goof off and play, or say hello to the family. And today's little distraction is something I picked up at Tar-get today. Walked in the front door and it caught my eye. Something that takes me back to my childhood. A SLINKY! Although it is a mini one, it still brings back memories. At least it is steel and not one of those fake plastic ones. Boy I loved this toy when I was a kid. Wait! Now that I think of it, it brought me countless hours of frustration and pain and unhappiness. There was nothing worse than opening a box with a brand new slinky in it and proceeding to knot it up 5 seconds later. Oh the pain. What scars that left on my psyche. Well, I'll try to forget about the past and use this for a photo-op.

Work-Time is Play-Time

Aperture: F/4.5 ; Exposure: 1/60s; ISO-400; Macro Lens

Hopefully, I can handle this now and make it last at least 10 minutes.

Ok, back to work.


Friday, March 4, 2011

2011-03-04: Rivers Edge

Hi again - It's billing time and my time is very limited this weekend. Ug. Gonna kill another weekend, but that's how we get paid...Anyway, here is a post from my walk around the Belknap Milllast month. Was oin the bridge behind the mill, and saw the edge of the Winnepesaukee River. There was this cool, thin crust of ice with water drips un the underside. 

River's Edge

Aperture: F/25; Exposure: 1/6s; ISO-100; taken 2/13 2:30 pm

Sue and I are headed to Michael's in Concord to check out some Mats/frames/etc. I've got some coupons that expire tomorrow and don't want to waste them. Gotta stock up for some upcoming craft fairs...I'll let you know how I make out.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011-03-03: Water Falls

I've got a busy night ahead of me. Just found out that there is a craft fair next month at Opeeche Inn. I've got to do some heavy duty planning tonite to see if I can get enough product together to sell. It's the first big fair of the spring and I want to be ready for it. You know, sell some art, make a zillion dollars, retire to the Carribbean...All that fun stuff.
So no time today to take any pictures, and I'm going to have to dig into my archives and pull out some fresh stuff you haven't seen. I've got a bunch of stuff from the Belknap Mill that I took on the photo walk with the Gilford Glickers last month.

Hidden Falls

Aperture: F/11; Exposure: 1/15s; ISO-100; Taken 2/13 at 2:50pm 

This was taken at the dam behind the mill. Crawled over a snowbank, and shot this thru a wrought-iron fence, and under a cement bridge. With a zoom lens. Got the water so it just looked nice and smooth and fresh. Very peaceful, I thought. There's a tiny hint of some red berries on the right to add a spec of color.

That's it for on to planning! To do the Show, or to Not do the Show...That is the question!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011-03-02: Matting and Website! Busy night!

Had a great meeting last night at camera club. Had a demo by Kevin Rines from U-Frame, We-Frame on matting and, well, framing. Coincidentally, I had a shipment of mats and bags and cardholders from I just finished my first batch of mats, and nearly forgot to get my post in. I've got 14 pictures matted and bagged so far. Trying to get ready for any upcoming craft fairs. Here's the 1st batch!

And the bigger news is that is up and published! Many months (on and off) in the making. That is a big relief. I do have some new features to add (like the ability to purchase pictures), but that will come in time.

In the meantime, it has been a productive week already! And I got my post done in time.

Good night!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011-03-01: BIG Bertha!

Ah! Spring! No it hasn't arrived yet. But what has arrived are my 3 dozen red Callaway golf balls! On sale for $10/dozen at Woo hoo! I'm ready! Now if we can just get the 4 feet of snow to melt off of Pheasant Ridge, I can use these. Never one to miss a photo opportunity, I took these beautiful, dimpled, spheres out in the snow this morning for a shoot.

Callaway Red - The best!

Aperture: F/6.3 ; Exposure: 1/200s ; ISO-100 ; Taken today at 8am

Big Bertha - Stacked!

Aperture: F/10 ; Exposure: 1/80s ; ISO-100 ; Taken today at 8am

Now if I can just get the Callaway company to hire me, and send me somewhere warm, all will be well with the world. It was 20 degrees this morning and the driveway was a frozen mess. But getting these in the mail gives me hope. Hope that soon it will be golf season again. Sigh...