Monday, December 16, 2013

P52 Week 48: Finishing up in Charleston

Wow, it's the 16th of December! This month is slipping by way too fast. I honestly have not taken more than 4 pictures in 2 weeks. Been crazy, busy at work, fought through a bad head cold, and started going to the gym. So this week, I'll just finish up my shots from Charleston taken at the end of November.
Our friends Paul and Gloria took Sue and I to the Marion Square Farmer's Market. It was a beautiful fall Saturday with lots of produce, and artisans. Didn't take too many pictures partly out of respect for privacy, partly because I was too busy looking at the art. Beautiful stuff. It reminded me how much I enjoyed showing my own art at fairs.

Charcoal Art

Man on Stilts, showing off his dexterity

Beautiful Day to be a kid
Playing in the leaves with Dad

The Levitating Man

Fern in the Park
  Obviously, 2013 was too busy for me to do any fairs, with the move to NC, the new Job, and exploring our new state. But I'll have to get back out there in '14. I do miss the interaction with the crowds, so I'll have to start planning soon.
Another stop on our travels, was to see the Angel Oak on John's Island. I told our hosts that I was interested in finding some old southern trees, and they delivered. This one was around 400 years old, and has the following stats.:
65 feet tall, 25.5 Feet in Circumference, Creates 17,000 sq; Feet of Shade, Largest Limb: 89 feet long, 11 1/4 feet in diameter.
You can see the little dots of people in this shot.

Yup, its a B.F.T

Skyward Through the Oak

The Arms of the Angel
It made me think of the 400-Year old Perley Oak back in Laconia, NH. A tree that I loved to sit and look at on Main St. A tree that has been the center of a lot of controversy. With the city trying to cut it down so that people won't get hurt by falling branches, and the citizens trying to save it. The Perley Oak has a long way to go to catch up the size of the Angel Oak, which the city of Charleston has protected. They are both beautiful sights that attract a lot of attention. Hopefully the city of Laconia will understand the significance of its old giant, and continue to let it live.

The Perley Oak

Perley Oak, BW.
I couldn't find any stats on the Perley, other than it's estimated age of 400 years. But it's a bonsai in comparison to the Angel.

Next stop was down at the marshes near my friends' home on James Island. The area holds historic significance as identified by this marker.

I was in search of some old tree with Spanish moss. Had to trudge around the James Island marshes, being careful not to wipe out in the muck and drop my gear. Having grown up across from the marshes of Wollaston, Mass, I have experience falling in waste deep mud. Good times! Just ask my mom.
Anyway, I escaped nice and clean, and ended up finding the trees I was looking for.

The Roberson Family Tree
(You Duck Dynasty Fans will get it)

Flowers and Moss

Marsh Grass and Piers

James Island Marsh

Reflection in the Marsh

Gotta tell you about one more thing before I sign off for this week. If you ever get to James Island, Charleston during the Christmas season, you have to check out the Festival of Lights at the James Island County Park. 700 Displays. Over 2 million Lights. Not just lights...Moving light displays. Can't  really explain it but I just kept asking, "How did they do that with lights?" It was a beautiful evening ride through the park, and a great way to start the Christmas season!

Starts, Stripes, and Liberty

Next week I'll be back in Cow Hampshuh visiting the family for Christmas! Can't wait! Not sure how much time I'll have for blogging, so I may just have to squeeze another post in before I go away. Stay tuned!

Peace Out


Monday, December 9, 2013

P53 Week 47: What I did on my vacation

When we last left our hero, he was wondering around the streets of Charleston, SC looking for Old stuff. Well he was there for 4 days, so he's got lots to show you... Kind of like a "What I did on my vacation " kind of thing. Like Mom's Old Slide Shows. I'll try not to bore you..

Folly Beach Monarch

Morris Island Lighthouse

Ok, that's enough of the slides...But here are some more shots from Charleston.. These next few shots are on the James Island section of Charleston. Specifically on Folly Beach.

Folly Beach Runner
I shoot all my pics in jpg and Raw. Lucky for me... I had the White balance on my camera set incorrectly to Tungsten lighting. And they came out all dark blue. Since I shot in Raw, I was able to change the white balance easily after the fact in Photoshop to Sunlight... What a dope...
Although the blue looks cool in this shot...Blue sand in the previous shot would have looked weird.

Blue Seas

SHARK! No..just Flipper

Folly Beach Fishing Pier

 Right down the street from Folly Beach is the Morris Island Lighthouse. Here's a couple shots from there. Click the link above if you want a little history lesson about it.


Map of Charleston

Last shots of the day were fun. We drove on the Arthur Revenel Bridge. This is a cable-stayed bridge similar to the Zakim Bridge in Boston,and the Penobscot Narrows Bridge in Maine, and connects Charleston to Mt. Pleasant SC. The fun part was sticking my arm out the sunroof, hoping that A) I wouldn't drop my camera, and B) I'd get a shot. And no, I wasn't driving...
I like architectural type shots, as well as artsy fartsy creative stuff, and I think these may fit the bill

Well, that's it for this week. Not feeling very wordy tonite. I'm battling a cold that I picked up at the office, and my head is killing me. And now the NyQuil is kicking in, So, off to bed I go.
See you soon!

Sneezy aka. Sleepy...

Monday, December 2, 2013

P52 Week 46: Looking for Old Stuff

One of the things I miss about back home, are the old farms and covered bridges of NH, and the old historical buildings of Boston. While I do love my new city, you really have to drive a couple of hours out of Charlotte to find anything old. If you know me, you know I love rust and rotting wood... as long as its not on my car, or my house. And that is tough to find around here. I was looking online for historical buildings in the area, and found a website.. Nice old buildings except they were all demolished in the 70's and 80's. Groan...Sometimes progress can be a pain.

Sue and I did however go to Charleston, SC over the Thanksgiving holiday to visit friends Paul and Gloria. We had a wonderful time, and I did get to see some of that old mystique and charm that Southern mansions can provide. We walked around the East Battery section, and Atlantic and Church St.

Nice Ocean-Side property

 I could have sat for hours and just studied the buildings. But, being conscious of my wife, and our hosts, I did the touristy-thing, and just took snapshots and kept moving, not wanting to hold anyone up for too long. Here are a few shots from the area..

The Pink House...

Nicely trimmed stairs

Argyle Walkway


Argyle and Green Door

Freshly watered

Even the filthy-rich read the morning papers...


Which way do I go?

Now that's more like it!!

St. Michael's Church
This was one of my favorites...And it's FOR SALE!
(For around 9 mil)

Welcome to my new home
Eh-Too much traffic for me...

Took a lot more pictures around the city, and since I'm a couple weeks behind on my posts, I'll catch up soon with some more Charleston scenery.

We had a great Thanksgiving and visit with our friends. Hope the holidays were good for you too.

Before I go, here is a quiz for you kids. Found this specimen at White Point Garden Park in Charleston.
Can you kids guess what this is?
And it worked!
Answer Below..

Answer to Todays Quiz:
If you guessed "Ketchup Dispenser", give yourself 10 points. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you're one of the lucky ones.
If you guessed "p-Phone", give yourself 5 points.

Oh, and as a bonus, if you can direct me to some local (to Charlotte)  old buildings, I'll give you 25 extra points. I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks, Talk soon....