Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011-12-31: Have a Happy New Year!

Well it has been quite a year. And I am so looking forward to 2012. This marks the last post of Project 365 for me. I only missed one post (but caught up the next day). I'm not going anywhere. In fact, I'll be busier than ever. But I'm going to cut back on the blog for awhile. Won't be every day, but please keep coming back to check for new things and see what I've been up to. I want to thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement. I've had a blast. Keep looking for me in the newspapers (my pictures, not my name in the police blotter). I'll let you know when I'm doing an art fair, or when something else is going on.
Without further ado,  today's shot is of my dog Bella. Who was kind enough to let me use her in my shot.

 Ug. not used to Jager

Nighty, Night Bella

So, until next time. Be safe. Don't drink and drive. Have fun...
Happy New Year!
Em, Sue, and Bella

Friday, December 30, 2011

2011-12-30: A Real Find!

Yesterday I had to head over to Franklin to Big cat coffee to get my fix of Jamica Me Crazy coffee. We ran out a couple of days ago and I was having the shakes. :-) While heading over there, I saw a sign for Daniel Webster's birthplace. A-ha I thought. That has got to be a photo op! So I drove down this windy road about 2.1 miles and didn't see any signs. So I gave up and turned around to head back disappointed. Drove about 1/10th of a mile and slammed on my brakes and backed up. I saw this ol' rusty truck by the side of the road. Eureka! Old + Rust = Shot! It reminded me of a truck that the kids and I found in the woods in Gilford near our old house on Barefoot place. Using a little creativity in photoshop, here's what I got:

Pure beauty! It's a good day when you come across a treasure like this.  By the way, I just googled the Daniel Webster house, and it was 1 more tenth of a mile further down the road. Oh well!
Come back tomorrow for the last post of 2011.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011-12-29: Metrics for the year

It was a very good year for Emery Swanson Photography. I had a blast, pushed myself, and learned a lot about photography. In case you were wondering, here are some stats for the year:

1) Pictures taken with my Canon Rebel XS 1000D: (so far this year)

 (I've used burst a lot in the last few months covering sports)

2) Pictures taken with my iPhone:
(not all today)
3) Pics taken with Sue's Nikon: 127

4) Pics published in newspapers: 34

5) Had a table at Craft Fairs: 3
 Opechee Inn

 Tanger Outlets

Gilford HS

I've had a few anxious moments when I tried new things. Like my first craft fair, and first sporting event, and first portrait session. But though encouragement from my family, and increasing self-confidence, I've gotten over those hurdles and have been successful. The more I learn, the more I love what I am doing. Yes, it has been quite a year. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011-12-28: Resolutions for 2012

Wow, another year is drawing to a close. 2011 has been great. My family is all healthy. I'm healthy. A daughter got married. Another graduated college. My son is following his love of music. My photography is taking off and I started a business as a result of it. My full time company is doing great. Great bunch of people there and we're doing well. But despite all the good things in my life, there is of course some room for improvement.  Here are my resolutions for 2012. I was going to save it for New Years eve, but I didn't have a post for today, So why put it off? Here goes :

1) Get organized. Start by throwing out old books that I will never look at again.

2) Party it up and learn to relax a little. Hopefully not at the same time.

3) Get past that stupid level 14 on Angry Birds phase 3.

4) Eat more vegetables and lose a few pounds.

 5) Get a coat with fewer pockets so I can find my keys quicker. ARGH!!!!

6) Find more time to play Golf. (2011 was a bad year for that)

7) Keep in touch with old friends, (and make new ones too).

8) Go visit Taylor and Jeremy in Austin and put my mark on Texas.

9) Continue to Live, Laugh, and Love and count my blessings.
Jeremy and Taylor
Sue and Taylor
10) Continue to be the best damn "ME" I can be.

I know there are other resolutions that will come along, or should be on this list, but that kind of sums it up well. Hope I've entertained you in some way this year, and gave you reason to smile. That's what it's all about.  So if I have, then that makes me smile. Thanks for coming to the Island now and then and keeping in touch. We'll get together again in '12.
Happy New Year!
Have fun, Be safe

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011-12-27: Much ado about nothing

I had my first family portrait shoot today. A nice woman was at the Gilford craft fair last month and asked me if I did portraits. I said "No", but I showed her the picture I took of Taylor and Jeremy at their wedding, and then said "But I'd be willing to give it a try". So I gave her my card and asked her to contact me if she was interested. Well a couple of weeks went by, and no call. I had forgotten all about it. Then a couple of weeks ago, she called me and asked if I would photograph her family sometime over Christmas. I said "Sure I would". We set up an appointment. I hung up the phone. And the panic began. I spent the next week reading up on portraits and lighting, and clothing, and how to set clients at ease. I also really had to study pricing. Figuring out my cost of doing business, and coming up with a fair price. There is a lot to take into account. Equipment, taxes, time (shooting, travelling, editing, learning), skill, etc. Anyway, I was worrying about the shoot all week. I think by Christmas eve, I was feeling comfortable, and confident in my abilities thanks to Sue's pep talks. So I got to enjoy Christmas. By Christmas night however, I started to panic and didn't sleep very well. I had my shoot yesterday morning at 9:30. Here is a shot of me before I went in taken with my iPhone:

But before I went in, I convinced myself that I knew my stuff and had nothing to worry about. I met the family. Delightful! They couldn't have been nicer to me. I set up my equipment, took test shots, and began taking shots of the family. They were all into in and couldn't have made my first shoot any easier. Here's a shot of me after:

But then on the way home, I worried "what if my shots didn't come out?" Well they came out great. I'm reviewing them now and I am pleased! I think the family will be also. I really have to learn to relax. But, to be fair to myself, it was the first time I'd actually done a family portrait. It will be even easier next time. And I know there will be a next time.
Ok, Christmas vacation is over. back to the grind tomorrow.
Have an awesome day.

Monday, December 26, 2011

2011-12-26: A great day

Had a great day yesterday. Started off kind of slow, but turned out wonderful. Slow because the kids are scattered and have lots of people to visit. (And one is scattered down to Texas), but that's what happens when you grow up. Everyone has to do that, and we try our best not to put pressure on the kids to be at our place at a certain time. Of course, that makes for a lot of down time wondering when they are coming. But it makes up for it when they do get here. Was worth the wait seeing their expressions when they opened their gifts.

And thanks to the wonderful iPhone, we had lots of facetime with Taylor down in Texas. Miss her bad and can't wait to go visit her.
I didn't get too many pics yesterday, but these smiles did it for me! Great memories!
And now I'm off to do a portrait shoot for a client and her family in Gilford. I hope to get some great smiles and make some happy memories for them!
See you tomorrow!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011-12-25: Just what I always wanted!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all fun and peaceful day with your families.
So...Just what I always wanted..What's that all about? I was trying to decide what to write about today, and Sue said to take a picture of wrapping paper. That got me to thinking back to when I was a kid and would get a present. I'd always say that. Probably got to be annoying after awhile, but I really enjoyed the wonder of seeing what was in that package. Didn't matter what it was, I was happy.  And you know, this year I have to say it's just what I always wanted. I have a wonderful family. A beautiful wife who loves me. Four terrific kids who are happy and healthy. I walked a daughter down the aisle and got a wonderful son-in-law. I work for a great company, and have really found my creative side this year with my photography. I'm making people smile. I have too many blessings to count. It's "just what I always wanted".

I hope you all get what you wanted. Whatever it may be.
God bless

Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011-12-24: Merry Christmas from Bella

Ok, was on my way to bed Friday night when I realized *Doing!* I don't have a post for Saturday. I plan on sleeping late (Well that's my plan...we'll see how well it works out), so I figured I'd better get my post ready to keep the wolves at bay. Anyway, I looked around the room trying to find something noteworthy. I saw the tree. Stocking..Sleeping dog...*POW!* That's it...I decided to put the 3 together and came up with this....Merry Christmas from Bella!

Well, our shopping is done! Just have to do some wrapping tomorrow. Watch the Pats game (yes on Saturday), then out for dinner to Fratellos' with the old folks.
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, December 23, 2011

2011-12-22: Bring on the egg nog

Finished a busy day today. 1st off, I woke up at 1am this morning, after getting to bed at 12:15. Watched Limitless till 4am. (Great movie by the way). Went to work, then drove to Manchester for meetings.. Came back to Tilton to finish up some work and proceeded to dump a full cup of coffee on my lap. (Good thing it was cold). I had photoshoots at Moultonboro Academy tonite after work so I went home first to put on some dry clothes. Then 1/2 hr North to Moultonboro to cover a girls Basketball game (they won 60 something to 6. Holy cow). Then covered the Swedberg's. They are 3 brothers on the boys team who are coached by their dad. Nice bunch of people. Then I raced home to get my shots in by 9pm deadline. (Only was 15 mins late. Not bad). Lastly, I finished decorating:

... and now I looking forward to Sue going grocery shopping tomorrow and getting the egg nog. My good buddy John gave me this bottle for Christmas today at work. I felt like sprucing it up a bit.
Ok, 1/2 day of work tomorrow and then 3 1/2 days off! Hoo rah!
Well talk tomorrow. C'mon back now. Ya hea-ah?


Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011-12-22: Being Vigilant

Covered a candle light vigil at Veteran's Square in Laconia tonite. In the rain no less! The vigil was to bring awareness to the plight of the homeless. I didn't hear the exact number, but many people died this year in NH as the result of being out on the street. Either because of unsafe conditions, or due to poor health or the elements. I hope that my shots that accompany the newspaper article will help to raise awareness. Here are a few shots.

Makes me stop and reflect and be thankful for every blessing I have. Which are numerous.
God bless
p.s. With shooting in these conditions, you want a fast lens. I used my 50mm for most of the shots. Put ISO on Auto. Ended up being around 400. Used a tripod and remote. Shutter was at 1/15s. and Aperture was F/5.6. Still had to use Photoshop to adjust the levels to bring up the light.
Tonite - Off to Moultonboro Academy to shoot a basketball game.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011-12-21: Light it up!

Sue and I took my mom and niece over to NH Speedway on Friday to see the light show. You drove around the outside of the track and looked at a great display of lights.  Perfect thing to do for the holidays. Check out this link for more info. It really put me in the Christmas spirit. Reminded me of going to Edaville RR in Mass when I was a kid.

Well my cards are all mailed and my shopping is just about done. Almost ready for Christmas! Bring it on!
Also upcoming for me is covering a candlelight vigil for the homeless in Laconia tonite, and a basketball game at Moultonboro Academy on Thursday. Whew
Talk tomorrow.

2011-12-20: Belmont-Gilford Hockey

I covered the Belmont-Gilford HS hockey game vs. Conval on Saturday. Good game. B-G won 2-1. Wierd that a lot of towns are merging as far as sports in concerned. We've got B-G. There's also Moultonboro-Interlakes up in the Meredith area, etc. I'm surprised a school can't fill an entire team these days. Here's some shots from the game.

 B-G #12 Thomas Kuntz

 B-G #22 Brogan Hurst

 B-G #2 Jeremy D’Amour

 B-G #12 Thomas Kuntz
 #22 Brogan Hurst and #27 Max Desmarais
(this shot made Monday's paper)

 B-G #27 Max Desmarais shoots and scores

 B-G # 2 Jeremy D’Amour

  B-G goalie, #29 Alex Conway turns the puck away

B-G # 2 Jeremy D’Amour
(this shot made Monday's paper also)

I have to admit that I left with the game tied 1-1 with 5 minutes left in the game. (Had to go to my family Christmas party), But what I saw was an awesome game. The best part about covering this game was the drive there. (1/4 mile down the street!  SCORE!)
Ok, this week I've got to get ready for Christmas and finish shopping, and plan for a family portrait I am shooting next Monday. No other assignments yet, but the week is young. Hopefully it will be nice and quiet.
See you tomorrow!

Correction: Just got an assignment to cover a vigil for the homeless at Veterans's square on Wednesday