Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy weekend last weekend. Finished the first coat of paint on the house. Now just need a second coat on some trim. But, no rush... I've got all summer. Need to get back to the golf course.
Check out the house:

Next weekend is Memorial Weekend. Took care of those duties last weekend by planting flowers and cleaning up family plots. Sigh...

So this week we're off to Hampton Beach for the long weekend. Gonna be a hot one. Read a book, soak up the sun, drink some beer, eat some sea food...An off weekend much deserved if I do say so myself.

Next Tuesday the 4th, I have Photography Club at the Library. As most things are with me, I'm a late bloomer getting into Photography. Started getting interested about a year ago. I don't know much which is why I joined the club. Hoping to get some valuable info from the rest of the club and learn techniques. We have only had 2 meetings and I am enjoying it. We meet once a month which is plenty.
Last month, we had to submit 4 photos for review ny the class.
Those are:

I got some pretty good compliments.

Next week, our assignment was 2 nature pictures. So I have a picture of a Great Blue Heron that I took 3 years ago in Captiva Florida.
The 2nd pic is a duck taking off from a pond at my local golf coarse. Just took this one last week.

Ok, enough about me. How's you doin?....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Band Projects-Rise and Shine

My son has a Band: Infamous Last words that is starting to get quite a few gigs in NH. It's heavy Metal, screamo music. I was never into heavy metal, but I must say that after listening to them practice (in our house), I am into it now. A very talented bunch of guys who have a shot.

Anyway, I've been adopted as the roadie, and informal manager, and I'm loving it. The guys asked for a website..They got it... They wanted lights, so I built them. They also needed some sort of platform for the shows, so I built them too.

I love helping them out, and I love building things.
So here's my top-secret plans...

And here's the results:

So if you need something for your band Contact PapaSwan(that's me)...and lets discuss it..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who am I? Where am I? And for God's sake - Has anyone seen where I left my beer?

Hey, It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. My wife took me to get a new tattoo. I'm psyched about it! What do you think?

Too bad about the Bruins last night..They just weren't hungry enough..

But The Celtics beating the CAVS? Oh man, that made my night the other night. King James lost his crown. What a great series. Bring on the Magic!

We're had our dog,Bella for 1 year today.. Here's what she looked like 1 year ago.. With Paul Pierce..

Friday, May 14, 2010

About me...First post

Who am I?
My profession is computer programming, although I am the Director of Billing at one of the leading telecom companies in the Northeast. I program in VB.Net, ASP.Net, and Sql. It is a good profession for me because I have always had a habit of getting bored at work. Since technologies change so rapidly, I am always having to learn the latest and greatest. So I don't have time to get bored.
My latest venture is freelance website design. I'll post links of my work soon.

I grew up (Ok, haven't grown up yet)...I was raised in Quincy, Mass. Moved to NH in '95 because I always loved the pine trees and mountains and fresh air. It was here that I met my wonderful wife, Sue. We have 4 children between us. A 25 year old daughter and a 25 YO son. A 21 YO daughter, and an 18 YO son. An awesome family. We are blessed and proud of them all.

We also have a 1 year old 3 pound chihuahua named Bella.

So What do I do for Fun? Golf, Golf, and if there is time, more golf. Can't get enough of it. Most days before work I can be found getting nine holes in. Teeing off at sunrise is a great way to start the day. Week days, I'm gofing with my buddy John. Once in awhile, I'm out with my son. He even lets me win once in awhile.

Ok. Guess that's it for tonite. Just getting the blog started is a major accomplishment. See ya.