Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Band Projects-Rise and Shine

My son has a Band: Infamous Last words that is starting to get quite a few gigs in NH. It's heavy Metal, screamo music. I was never into heavy metal, but I must say that after listening to them practice (in our house), I am into it now. A very talented bunch of guys who have a shot.

Anyway, I've been adopted as the roadie, and informal manager, and I'm loving it. The guys asked for a website..They got it... They wanted lights, so I built them. They also needed some sort of platform for the shows, so I built them too.

I love helping them out, and I love building things.
So here's my top-secret plans...

And here's the results:

So if you need something for your band Contact PapaSwan(that's me)...and lets discuss it..

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