Monday, August 26, 2013

P52 Week 34: What mess?

I had an awesome week at work. Finished designing and writing a program that will save people a ton of time. And had a terrific 90 day review. Guess we'll be staying in Charlotte!

6060 Piedmont Row (my office)

So, I honestly didn't take many pictures this week, and didn't have a subject for this week's blog.
I've been reading a lot, and trying to design a logo, and re-design the website I also visited a few framing companies to check them out and get a relationship established. But I had no goal in mind for pictures. I asked Sue for an idea and she said, "Talk about Taylor coming to visit next weekend. Or talk about how messy your car is." Two totally unrelated subjects, but excellent ideas just the same...WAIT, What do you mean messy car?.. I prefer to call it command central. Or Organized Chaos. Where everything I need is close at hand and I'm ready for any situation. You be the judge:

Be it a natural disaster, or photo opportunity, or golf match, or Fireball eating contest, I'll be ready. How many of you can say that?
On the other subject, we are soo excited to have our daughter Taylor come from Austin for a visit over the labor day weekend. We haven't seen her since last August. But, we keep in frequent contact on the phone, and Sue and I follow her and husband Jeremy's adventures on America Y'all. Check out their site if you haven't yet. Such a great couple. Here's a shot I took at their wedding 2 years ago. Happy Anniversary Taylor and Jeremy! Love you guys!

I'm anxious to show her how the Charlatans live. We'll have fun next weekend, whatever we do.
I did manage to get one good shot in today. After taking the shot of my car, I saw the sun setting through the Magnolia trees. The leaves are starting to turn brown, and it reminded me that summer is just about over. Fall is on the way. Probably only have another two months of pool time left. And then I'll probably have to put my flip-flops away for the season. Sucks to be me. ;-)

Fall's Coming
From what I hear from folks around here, and see on the news, it was unseasonably pleasant here this summer. not too many days in the 90's. I reluctantly fear that it is because of all my stuff that I moved down from New Hampshire. I think that the weight shift may have moved the earth slightly off it's axis. I'm afraid that I may be the cause of the 3 feet of snow we'll probably get in Charlotte this winter. (Oh, that suggestion went over like a lead balloon with Sue.) I must remember to keep my theories to myself (but check back here in January for an update.)

Anyway, sorry it was a short one this week, but it is what it is. 
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Have an awesome week!
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Monday, August 19, 2013

P52 Week 33: Just for You (Well, mostly)

What an awesome week! Just seems to get better and better. Last week was really hectic at work, and by Friday, I was exhausted. But, I really love my job and the people I work with, so it was a good exhaustion. I'm very thankful for where we are and how life is going. And to make my Friday night, I got a call from my son Jordan, who told me he bought his plane tickets to come visit! And my daughter Taylor is coming for Labor Day weekend! So this is one happy pop. Now, we just have to get the rest of the family here.

Basket O' Apples - Matthews Farmer's Market

I've been thinking lately that since things have settled down, I should start actively getting the business ( going down here in Charlotte. Someone at work actually told me that I'm really good and should try to sell my pictures. I had to chuckle, and gave her my card.

Forecast: Possibility of Rain

But, I'm not the pushy sales guy type. I prefer the steady word-of mouth method, and will most likely continue that model. After all, I'm not in this solely for the money. That is just a pleasant side effect. I'm in this for you! Yes, you. Whether it is making you smile with my silly ramblings, or pictures on facebook and this blog, or pictures for your home or office, or volunteering my services. It's the emotions I see and feel from you that make this all worthwhile. Still gives me goose bumps when I know I'm spreading some sunshine.

The Fan.. At Matthews Farmer's Market

I saw this video on Peta Pixel, by street Photographer, John Free. He describes how to get comfortable talking to people on the street and taking their picture. The big message I got from it, was a reminder of why we take pictures. It's not for us. It's for you! And I truly believe that.

The "Hackenburg". Looks like my first car.
At Piccolo Antiques, Belmont, NC

So, with that in mind. It's time to do something for one of you. For everyone who has liked my Fan page on Facebook (Emery's Island), or shared this link, or messaged me with your favorite shot of mine, you will be in the running for a free 16 x 20 canvas from
Let's see, when should the contest end? I dislike long contests, so lets go for September 1st.  At 9:01 pm EST. Why 9:01? I don't know. I'm weird. Just ask Sue for confirmation...

Hurry, the clocks tickin'

So spread the word, check out my website and start choosing your favorite. And SMILE!

Classic Wheels

Monday, August 12, 2013

Project 52 Week 32: Old Stuff and More - Granite Falls

One of the things I miss down in NC (besides my family), is Old Farms and buildings. It's difficult to find them down here. In Charlotte, everything is new for the most part. The Charlotte Photographers Group, that I belong to, was hosting a photo event at Antiquities Vending Company, in Granite Falls, NC. This place is the biggest restorer around of old soda machines. Sounded like a good opportunity to get out and explore.

Granite Falls Water Tower

It was 70 miles away, and I wanted to get some outside shots too. I figured 'Granite Falls', must have some falls. Right? Well I painstakingly looked at Google maps for the whole route there looking for scenery. I found an old trestle bridge that looked like a possibility, and a dam that must be the falls they speak of. So I marked the locations on my map and headed out early Saturday morning. I got to a dirt road that looked like it should head toward the bridge. But it narrowed down to an impassable path and an old brick building.


I got out and looked around, and could have sworn I heard dueling banjos in the woods. Thought better of the bridge, and turned and high-tailed it out of there in search of the falls. The 'Falls', was an old dried up dam. Tried getting close but what I saw from a distance, wasn't worth the effort. Dang. 2 strikes. Oh well, it was time to head to the vending company anyway. Hopefully that would pan out. And it did! An overwhelming building with hundreds of rusty, and restored soda machines, and old nostalgic toys.  Here is just a glimpse into what I saw.

10 cents Ice Cold

5 cents Ice Cold

Jake, Emwood, and Elwood Blues.
We're Putting the Band Back together

Can you Hear me now?
Superman's Changing Room

Orange Crush

Drink Coca-Cola


Prince Albert in a can

Milk Shake

The source of one of my nightmares, I'm sure
It was a great day. Good people and neat things to see.  I'm sure I'll post up some more shots some other time.

Switching Gears Here: My sister-in-law Terry, has been after me to post shots of the area where I live. But thought I'd do better. As you may or may not know, one of the huge pluses of being down here for me, is the short commute I have to get to work. 1 1/2 miles. 5 mins in traffic. So, here is my commute...slowed down up for your viewing pleasure..

Going to Work

Going Home

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Till next week. Y'all come back now. Ya here?

Monday, August 5, 2013

P52 Week 31: A decent week if I do say so myself.

This week in photos:

Ok, it was a really busy week, and I didn’t have anything in my noggin for todays bloggin… So we’ll just recap it with some pictures and trivial ramblings.
Sue has been been busy decorating and dolling up our place. She needed to get some plants for the deck so we hit up the Walmart garden center on Saturday. Shopping. My favorite. But I make the most of it. I'm a joy to shop with... :-D

Sunday started out with a delicious breakfast on the deck. The sun was actually out and there were blueberries in the pancakes. Life is good, is it not?

It's Good to be the King!
Since I was disappointed by last weeks DMB concert evacuation, I consoled myself and bought a new Tedy Bruschi shirt in recognition of his Patriots Hall of Fame induction. My old one was torn and tattered and of the cheaper variety and I splurged and treated myself to an official one. It arrived Monday, and now I’m ready to represent at the Pats/panthers game in November. Go PATS! (Note: 4 days till preseason game 1!)

Ready for a new season... 
Thursday was our 15th anniversary and I surprised Sue with some Roses. It wasn’t even on my mind, but they did make for a good photo op. So I drove her crazy and took a heck of a lot of pics of roses. I love her to pieces, and I'm a lucky guy.

We ended up going to our new favorite restaurant Chuy’s where I over-did it again on Margaritas…Damn they’re good.
I do enjoy their unique ceiling d├ęcor.

As my son said about this...'Hubba Hubba'

This Saturday, Sue spotted one of the local residents of the trees outside our place. A cicada. So that’s what is making all that racket. Boy they’re ugly. Sorry - a lousy shot.

Also on the ugly list is the Pandora sphinx moth that was on my neighbor’s door.

Also on Saturday, I photographed my friends’ 3 year old daughter’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's. I haven’t been there since the Ashley Incident of 1987…..The story behind that is, when my daughter Ashley was 2, we went to Chuck E. Cheeses. At the time, they had a big indoor fort with little doors on either side of the place. Well Ashley went in. And never came out. I was panicking, thinking someone snatched her. I crawled in thru tubes and tunnels, and found her at the very center just sitting and singing and clapping.  Whew...

Chuck E.

I’m still traumatized by that place… :-) 
Anyway, I survived the birthday party and got lots of great shots of the party.

So a busy week. And also, a really good week at work. Just loving it here. Great company, great people.

The new week began yesterday with reading and lounging by the pool. Finally a day without rain...Heaven. 

Working on my Freckles

I'm predicting another good week. It's off to a good start. 
Hope you have one too.