Monday, August 12, 2013

Project 52 Week 32: Old Stuff and More - Granite Falls

One of the things I miss down in NC (besides my family), is Old Farms and buildings. It's difficult to find them down here. In Charlotte, everything is new for the most part. The Charlotte Photographers Group, that I belong to, was hosting a photo event at Antiquities Vending Company, in Granite Falls, NC. This place is the biggest restorer around of old soda machines. Sounded like a good opportunity to get out and explore.

Granite Falls Water Tower

It was 70 miles away, and I wanted to get some outside shots too. I figured 'Granite Falls', must have some falls. Right? Well I painstakingly looked at Google maps for the whole route there looking for scenery. I found an old trestle bridge that looked like a possibility, and a dam that must be the falls they speak of. So I marked the locations on my map and headed out early Saturday morning. I got to a dirt road that looked like it should head toward the bridge. But it narrowed down to an impassable path and an old brick building.


I got out and looked around, and could have sworn I heard dueling banjos in the woods. Thought better of the bridge, and turned and high-tailed it out of there in search of the falls. The 'Falls', was an old dried up dam. Tried getting close but what I saw from a distance, wasn't worth the effort. Dang. 2 strikes. Oh well, it was time to head to the vending company anyway. Hopefully that would pan out. And it did! An overwhelming building with hundreds of rusty, and restored soda machines, and old nostalgic toys.  Here is just a glimpse into what I saw.

10 cents Ice Cold

5 cents Ice Cold

Jake, Emwood, and Elwood Blues.
We're Putting the Band Back together

Can you Hear me now?
Superman's Changing Room

Orange Crush

Drink Coca-Cola


Prince Albert in a can

Milk Shake

The source of one of my nightmares, I'm sure
It was a great day. Good people and neat things to see.  I'm sure I'll post up some more shots some other time.

Switching Gears Here: My sister-in-law Terry, has been after me to post shots of the area where I live. But thought I'd do better. As you may or may not know, one of the huge pluses of being down here for me, is the short commute I have to get to work. 1 1/2 miles. 5 mins in traffic. So, here is my commute...slowed down up for your viewing pleasure..

Going to Work

Going Home

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Till next week. Y'all come back now. Ya here?


  1. Thank you for my weekly read! enjoyable as always!!! My pic for the giveaway would have to be Jake, Emwood, and Elwood Blues "We're putting the bad back together" !!! Love the Blues Brothers but not as much as "My Brother"!!!!!!!

  2. Everyone drives so fast down south! (I thought Bostonians were speedy!) ;-)

  3. thanks for letting us take a ride with you love it cant wait til the next one your #1 fan

  4. looks like you blew through a stop sign at the :19 second mark of your "to work commute" if you ask me ;)

  5. Wow, I missed that. It's not the first...I'll have to carve another notch in my dashboard. By the way, this is inadmissable in court. :-). Or maybe I photoshopped that sign in?