Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On the Road With Em - Salisbury, NC

As you may have surmised from pervious posts, I enjoy looking at old things. Whether it be people, or buildings, or stuff. Not sure why, but I see it happening more and more as I get older. I never cared for history when I HAD to learn it, but maybe I have more free time for it now. Or maybe I've just grown up. (nah...don't worry).. But I just finished reading a history book of Mecklenburg County and Charlotte. Yes, an actual Non-Technical, non-Photography, non-fiction book. And I really enjoyed it!
I think it all links back to photography in actuality, because I like to understand what it was like way back when at the places I go. Guess I have a lot of reading to do, because I do like to get out and explore!

Anyway, this weekend Sue and I went to Salisbury, NC. It's about a 45 minute drive from us, Northeast up I-85.  I heard there was a lot of shops in Salisbury (pronounced Saulz-Ber-ee ), and it sounded like fun. I grabbed my camera of course, and Sue grabbed her knitting bag, knowing full well that I'd be jumping out of the car periodically to take a picture of some rotting building or rusty sign. But, I really just wanted to spend the day with her (awwww, I can hear you saying), and go to some antique shops and set some lunch. So I didn't take any pictures.... HAHAHAHA... Ok, well I did just jump out of the car twice. (and yes, it was in park)... This mural was on the side of a building on W. Fisher St. A really neat depiction of life back in the day.

Salisbury Mural

And this one:
Drink Cheerwine

I guess that Cheerwine is a soda that was created in Salisbury back in 1917. Still being bottled today, although I only had a beer when we stopped for lunch...How, odd!

Other than that, my Canon stayed in it's case all day...Yes Really.

But I did have my iPhone! So I do have memories from the day.
We drove down E. Innes St. and didn't see much activity. From what I read online, I figured it was a hustling, bustling town. Seemed quite dead to me...But we stopped at the Okey Dokee general store. Awesome vision into the past. Some stuff was for sale, but nothing we really needed. It was great to look at though.

Where'd I leave my matches?

Great to look at, but nothing I need

We then turned down S. Main St., and saw more activity. First stop was Salisbury Sq. Antiques.
Tons to look at, but I escaped unscathed. Sue spent a grand total of 54 cents...I'm still kicking myself for not buying this Cool Old Ball:

Cool Old Ball

We're trying to simplify our lives and not buy a lot of stuff we just don't need. So I'm proud of myself for not buying anything...But I may have to go back and see if this ball is still there. Why? Beats me...I may need a Cool Old Ball.

Next stop was the Old Candy Shoppe!
There I heard someone say something disparaging about the Red Sox.. So I jumped to their defense. Turns out that Nancy (one of the owners) was a big Sox fan from Needham and in no way was dissing our team. Her husband Don was from Chicago and was a White Sox fan. The four of us chatted quite a while. Very enjoyable people...Except Don was of Norwegian descent and said a joke that poked fun at my ancestral homeland (Sweden)...Eh, he doesn't know any better....Being from Chicago.. :-) Nancy and Don gave us great tips on where to go for antiques. Nice, nice people. Could have chatted them up for hours.

This is gonna be fun

We met someone who suggested where we could eat and where we shouldn't eat. We missed something in the translation, because we went to the "avoid" restaurant. I don't like to put disparaging info on the blog, but why bother to write if I can't give you some tips.  Uncle Buck's had very good food...but we ordered wraps and it took an hour to get our meal. Won't go back there....End of Public service announcement.

Someone suggested the Salisbury Antique Emporium on E Kerr St. That is an old converted sawmill. Great place with all sorts of things I don't need but love to look at. Here's the results of that stop:

It's Good Taste


Jug and Cabinet

Animal Crackers!

Ton's O' Caps
Coffee And Chicory


The Legend?

Let's You Sleep
The New Gear

Pardon me.. But Do You Have
Prince Albert in a Can?

Well, enough of the shots. It was a fun day in Salisbury, and I'll have to get back there sometime when I have more time to wander and explore. A lot of old buildings and history. Some good, some not so good. (think Civil War Prison Camp)

But these days, it's a nice friendly town with lots to see and do! Check it out!

S. Main St. Salisbury, NC

See you on the road!