Sunday, January 26, 2014

P52 Wk 51: Down on the Farm

Since I was a little guy visiting my Uncle Frank's farm in Nova Scotia, I've been intrigued with barns. Used to love going there. Seeing the cows,  climbing up the bales of hay in the barn, and exploring hidden rooms under trap-doors. Always wanted my own barn...A condo with an attached barn would be perfect...

Bolduc Farm
Anyway, I'm lucky enough to have a father-in-law (Ernie) with a farm. His family raises buffalo. "Why Buffalo?", I once asked. "Because it's as American as you can get!", he replied. Can't argue with that.
Don't have to tell me twice

On my recent visit to NH, I asked Ernie if he could take me over to the barn to explore.


We get along great, and I think he enjoys my interest in his hobby. His hobby is collecting. Just about every wall in his barn has some old sign or tool or doo-dad or thing-a-ma-bob, or toy that belonged to his kids, that you could imagine. And everything has a story. And he'll share it with you.

We Can Do It!
Nothing of any real value except for personal nostalgic reasons. And that value is priceless. It makes my mother-in-law shake her head. But I get it. And I love the place.  It's his 'scrapbook' I'd guess. I can totally relate. As someone who has kept every creepy crawler or work of art or neck-tie, or do-dad that my kids have given me, I understand. Let me share some scenes from the barn.

Passageway to the Silo
Early K2's?

House-Keeper Wanted? Nah!

What Ceiling would be complete without a Citgo Sign?

Frost on the Panes

Who Moved my Cheese?

Someone Used to be an Athlete

Could have explored in there for hours if I had the time. And if it wasn't 0 degrees out. Dang, it was cold in the barn. Had to go into the farm-house - Parsonage to warm up by the old cast-iron stove.

Warming up by the Farmhouse Stove

Quiet as a Church Mouse

Snacks for the Buffalo
Raymond Burr

Herd Keeper-Inner

All-American Farm

Hope you enjoyed scenes from my day on the farm. You can check more barn shots on my site at

Til next time,


Monday, January 20, 2014

P52 Week 50: Shots from Memory Lane

Three weeks into the new year, and just getting back to blogging. I've barely had time to log on and check emails lately, never mind write or take pictures. Work has been hectic, finishing up end of year programs, and getting ready for the new year. Also, we got a puppy,  (a 7 wk old Maltese/Shi-Tzu), so free time is at a premium. Not that I'm complaining, but I've had to re-prioritize things.

I've got a bunch of shots that I took when we were back home in NH, so let's see what I can get out here before 'Daizy' needs to go for a walk or wants to gnaw on my fingers.
In addition to seeing the family, of course, I also wanted to get out and about and take some shots of familiar scenes.
First stop was out in the lovely frigid weather over to one of my favorite subjects. Tannery Hill Bridge in Gilford,
Tannery Hill Bridge

Tannery Hill Bridge
I have yet to see a covered bridge in NC, although I hear they have 5. As compared to the 70-something in NH. Hope to get out this year and find them.

Bolduc Sugar Shack

Next stop was to swing by my father-in-law's (Ernie Bolduc) sap-house. I've blogged about this place before, and I love going there. (And I love the fresh maple syrup!)

Another old favorite around the area is the Perley Oak in Laconia. I always enjoyed studying this tree. But after recently seeing the Angel Oak in Charleston, SC, the Perley sapling paled by comparison.
Perley Oak, 400 years young...

Staying around the Laconia area, I also stopped by one of the old Mills. Another subject I have yet to see in NC. Although, I've heard there are some out in Hickory, so that is on my horizon. (hon-pack up your knitting, we're going for a ride!)

Laconia Mill
While we are purusing thru some old area sights, I couldn't pass up the old soda fountain at Newberry's on Main St. It wasn't open, but still provided a photo op.

Old Soda Fountain
Just a couple more shots from my day out in the freezing tundra. This one is Bartlett Beach on Lake Winnisquam. Never swam here (and won't be swimming here today), but we used to have our boat on this lake. Miss that.

Bartlett Beach
Heading back to where we stayed in Franklin, I stopped by the familiar train depot in Tilton.  If you're ever over at Franklin Hospital fixing what ails you, you can see some of my other trains on their walls.

The Princess
Can't forget the trestle over the Winnipesaukee River in Franklin. I think it was 2 degrees this morning and I froze my A** off trudging through the snow and ice to reach this spot. All for you, faithful reader, all for you.

If you're from the area, hope you enjoyed these scenes from memory lane. 

Next post will be about my day at Bolduc Farm. Stay tuned!
And now, time to walk Daizy! Chat soon.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

P52 Week 49 - The Boy is Back in Town

It was difficult getting into the Christmas spirit this year. It was weird being down in Charlotte. Warm weather and no snow - NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING! But seeing this in a local Target perked me right up.

I mean, if a pig in a scarf doesn't say Christmas, then what does?

We left the 70 degree Charlotte weather and headed back to see the family in New England. Snow and icy rain. Oh yay. What were we thinking? Stayed with my in-laws for a couple of days. Love them to pieces but they only have a dial up internet connection. (Remember those?) So I didn't bother to bring my laptop. I'm going to try this post via my iPhone. Wish me luck!
Addendum....Ok, never posted that because it just wasn't working via my phone. Page got all jumbled up...I'm back home now, so lets try this again....

I'm 4 weeks behind on my blog. So I guess I failed Project 52, but I am anal so I'll finish it up. Besides, my #1 Fan gave me permission to take some time off. I'm back now, so, on with the show.

Being away from the family is hard, but I had the Christmas week off from work, and we went back to NH. Couldn't wait to get home and see everyone. As we flew towards Manchester, the ski slopes told me that we were back! And that it was cold.

I'm used to wearing shorts these days, and couldn't let a little snow snow interfere with that, now could I? My buddies in NC would be disappointed if I dressed appropriately,

Crazy Man Making a Snow Angel
Of course, the main point of the trip was to see the family. The week was chockablock full of reunions, food, games, and quality time! We miss our kids.

With Ashley and Jordan

We also stayed a few days with my sister-in-law Sheri (aka: Sissy), and brother-in-law Jim (aka: Drinkng buddy). We were spoiled there. Delicious food and wonderful accommodations. I was going to down-grade their 5-start rating because we did not get mints on our pillows. But the White Ghiradelli hot chocolate with crushed candy canes and Peppermint Schnapps served at breakfast brought their rating over the top. Everything was perfect. So a big shout-out to Sheri and Jim! Thanks guys!

In Chef Sheri's Kitchen
I got out and about quite a bit that week and took a bunch of pics of familiar places. I'll show those in the coming weeks. One of my stops was at Lakes Region General Hospital to see a sign that they had made that included my images. Got me stoked!

Sign at LRGH
It was beautiful. Just hearing from the nurses there about how it brightens up the room and makes it cheery brought out the goosebumps on my arms. That's what it's all about. Bringing smiles and making people happy. Reminded me that I really need to get out next summer and do some Art fairs. I miss talking to the people and trying to brighten them up.

I guess that will do it for this post. Got a bunch of shots to review and football games to watch, waiting to see who the Pats will play next weekend.

 And who Carolina will play..

Happy New Year!


p.s. Stay Warm NH....