Monday, April 23, 2012

Me bad....

Wow. It's been over a month since I posted. And I guess I've gotten lazy. Well, not really. I've been busy reading and catching up with photography emails and blogs. Cleaning up my inbox (from 700 down to 250!). Moving relevent things over to my EverNote account so I can keep better track of reference material.
I've been reading Guy Kawasakis's book "What the Plus?" about Google Plus, and starting to dabble with that. Starting to follow people and understand it before I start to get too heavily involved. So if you're into that...add me to your circle...Yup yet another social media outlet. Good grief! Looks like this will work out well though.
What else? Got my picture cards in to the new Winnisquam Agway in Belmont. Thanks to my better 1/2 for suggesting that to me! They have a beautiful new garden center and Country Store. I know they will do well there, and hopefully I will too!
May 1st to the 31st, I'll have a display on the wall of the new Awakenings Espresso Cafe in Gilford. Jane Harmon, the owner there, has very graciously turned her wall over to me for the month. So if you're in the area, check out their new site on Lakeshore Rd. Have some coffee or espresso, and some tasty pastry, and enjoy the pictures!
Had an awesome crowd at our yardsale this weekend. Did a bang up job getting rid of a bunch of stuff that just takes up space. Yippee! Less stuff! and More....

I think I'll have to do a project 52 or something to force myself to write and blog. Did the P365 last year and that was a killer. P52 should be a bit easier. Pretty soon Sue and I will be down at camp so I'm sure there will be a lot to write about. ... Hello Muddah...Hello Fadduh....

I chuckled to myself last night...Yeah, time to give me that white coat with the long sleeves. Anyway, I was taking some pictures for a Macro contest at PhotoTips, and had a subject, but needed a title...So I was having a good time thinking of that...I'll keep it to myself, and maybe someone out there can name it for me:

Let me know if you have a title for this.

I have been working on my assignments for the Gilford Clickers this month. Subjects: Reflections, Composition, and 2 open items using editing tools. YES Photoshop! Almost done with that assignment.
So, I just checked out the Project 52 group over at Google Plus, and it's too late to join that group for this year, but I'll follow along on my own. So this week's assignment is "In the Kitchen". Oh-oh. Sue doesn't like it when I'm in the kitchen...I think she's still ticked about the time I used her spatula to scrape paint off the house. Or tightened a screw in a chair with her good Rada knife, or the 1st, 2nd, 10th, 100th time I attempted to burn the house down when I was cooking...Anyway, I'll do some late night reconnaissance and try to get something appropriate.

Ok, blog has been restarted.. Yay me.


ps. Update...What sorcerer's spell is at play here? I came home and my beloved had planned on do-it-yourself pizzas! Me...Do it myself? Well ok....

Epilogue: Sue watched the stove and thus I didn't burn my dinner. Life is good. Assignment done. And P52 has begun!