Monday, August 26, 2013

P52 Week 34: What mess?

I had an awesome week at work. Finished designing and writing a program that will save people a ton of time. And had a terrific 90 day review. Guess we'll be staying in Charlotte!

6060 Piedmont Row (my office)

So, I honestly didn't take many pictures this week, and didn't have a subject for this week's blog.
I've been reading a lot, and trying to design a logo, and re-design the website I also visited a few framing companies to check them out and get a relationship established. But I had no goal in mind for pictures. I asked Sue for an idea and she said, "Talk about Taylor coming to visit next weekend. Or talk about how messy your car is." Two totally unrelated subjects, but excellent ideas just the same...WAIT, What do you mean messy car?.. I prefer to call it command central. Or Organized Chaos. Where everything I need is close at hand and I'm ready for any situation. You be the judge:

Be it a natural disaster, or photo opportunity, or golf match, or Fireball eating contest, I'll be ready. How many of you can say that?
On the other subject, we are soo excited to have our daughter Taylor come from Austin for a visit over the labor day weekend. We haven't seen her since last August. But, we keep in frequent contact on the phone, and Sue and I follow her and husband Jeremy's adventures on America Y'all. Check out their site if you haven't yet. Such a great couple. Here's a shot I took at their wedding 2 years ago. Happy Anniversary Taylor and Jeremy! Love you guys!

I'm anxious to show her how the Charlatans live. We'll have fun next weekend, whatever we do.
I did manage to get one good shot in today. After taking the shot of my car, I saw the sun setting through the Magnolia trees. The leaves are starting to turn brown, and it reminded me that summer is just about over. Fall is on the way. Probably only have another two months of pool time left. And then I'll probably have to put my flip-flops away for the season. Sucks to be me. ;-)

Fall's Coming
From what I hear from folks around here, and see on the news, it was unseasonably pleasant here this summer. not too many days in the 90's. I reluctantly fear that it is because of all my stuff that I moved down from New Hampshire. I think that the weight shift may have moved the earth slightly off it's axis. I'm afraid that I may be the cause of the 3 feet of snow we'll probably get in Charlotte this winter. (Oh, that suggestion went over like a lead balloon with Sue.) I must remember to keep my theories to myself (but check back here in January for an update.)

Anyway, sorry it was a short one this week, but it is what it is. 
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Have an awesome week!
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  1. im excited for this weekend too! weeeeee! Oh, and ive been hearing lately that this is supposed to be a rough winter here in austin... not too pumped for that :/

  2. looking forward to next week pics with taylor have a blast your car is your Mobile office

  3. Thank you for my weekly fix :) Love hearing about everything! and just a heads up, for next week when I win the printed canvas... I would like the new pic that you posted today. (no I don't mean your car) but the "Fall's Coming" :) Have fun next weekend!!!