Friday, December 23, 2011

2011-12-22: Bring on the egg nog

Finished a busy day today. 1st off, I woke up at 1am this morning, after getting to bed at 12:15. Watched Limitless till 4am. (Great movie by the way). Went to work, then drove to Manchester for meetings.. Came back to Tilton to finish up some work and proceeded to dump a full cup of coffee on my lap. (Good thing it was cold). I had photoshoots at Moultonboro Academy tonite after work so I went home first to put on some dry clothes. Then 1/2 hr North to Moultonboro to cover a girls Basketball game (they won 60 something to 6. Holy cow). Then covered the Swedberg's. They are 3 brothers on the boys team who are coached by their dad. Nice bunch of people. Then I raced home to get my shots in by 9pm deadline. (Only was 15 mins late. Not bad). Lastly, I finished decorating:

... and now I looking forward to Sue going grocery shopping tomorrow and getting the egg nog. My good buddy John gave me this bottle for Christmas today at work. I felt like sprucing it up a bit.
Ok, 1/2 day of work tomorrow and then 3 1/2 days off! Hoo rah!
Well talk tomorrow. C'mon back now. Ya hea-ah?


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