Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011-03-15: Home Today

Stayed at home where it was safe today. Needed to go see the Dr. and have him check out my knee. It was killing and it made no sense to go to my office. So I just stayed home and worked until my appointment this afternoon. And I may have a miniscus tear and a tear in the tendon behind my knee. Good grief! Golf season is right around the corner. I was playing last year at this time. I need to take some anti-inflammatories, and if it doesn't feel better by Friday, I'll need to go see an Orthopedic specialist. Grr. Well maybe that will keep me quiet for awhile. Guess I do have some things to do that can be done sitting down. Like homework for tomorrow's web design class, and I need to finish up the camera club newsletter. And I do need to put together an album of work for the Art show next month. Speaking of which, that brings me to today's picture. I bought some photo cards from RediMat, and put my 4 x 6's in them:

A Hallmark Moment?

I've got about 50 of these ready to go. Along with 5 x 7's, 8 x 10's, and 11 x 14's.
Homework done? Nope.
Newsletter done?...Nope
Ok, Blog post done? Check

1 outta 3 ain't bad.
See ya tomorrow, times a-wastin...

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