Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011-03-29: Car-Wash! C'mon and sing it with me..

Oh man, what a long day. Leg is killing, work was a bear, and I don't think spring will ever really get here. I really need the warm weather fast. I'm finding it hard to find inspiration for photos. All I see is the same old piles of ice and dirty snow, and sandy streets, and bare trees. Yuck. I really need a pick-me-up...So, I left the office for a change at lunch and ran some errands, and got the car washed. What the heck. Figured maybe I'd wash the grumpiness off me at the same time...I did get some water shots through the windshield...

Washing Away the Day

Aperture: F/5.6 ; Exposure: 1/50s; ISO-200

And tonite I'm going to do something different for a change...Stay off the computer and read. I read a few chapters of the latest book I'm reading...Sammy Hagar "Red" - Good book. And after this post (I know-back on the computer) I'm going to flip through one of my photography books. Haven't done that in awhile. Hopefully it will help give me some inspiration. Sorry for my 'tude...C'mon Summer!


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