Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011-03-31: A little Blur never hurt anyone

Wow - 3 months and I haven't missed a day or the Project 365 task...Yay ME! 9 months to go...
I've been really scrambling for ideas lately and looking forward to spring REALLY getting here so I'd have some fresh material. And I've been so wrapped up lately with work, and getting ready for the art show, that I haven't really put much effort into my pictures. The other night, I decided to do something different and just flip through my art books for some inspiration. I was really getting into it. I did log on and checked facebook and there was a link to one of my favorite photographers. William Neill. He had some new book out, and it turns out he had a package deal for 3 of his books. Usually $25 each was now 3 books for $12!. I quickly downloaded the ebooks and one of them was "Impressions Of Light". I've been admiring this work for a long time. He uses a blurring effect on his landscapes, and gives it a real dreamy look. Love it!
I tried this blurring back in the fall, and I had a picture I really liked. Nothing fancy, just some birch trees and some leaves that were just starting to turn. I posted it on Flikr, but my mom suggested I take it down because she thought it took away from my other work. But the other night, I was going through my files and I came across it again. And I still like it! The soft colors of the leaves and trees are pretty cool I think.


Aperture: F/5.6; Exposure: 2 sec ISO-800; taken 9/28/10 6:30pm

The blur is done just by tapping the camera at the time of hitting the shutter. Yeah, on purpose.. And it helps to crank up the ISO. After all you've studied about using your tripod and shutter release to keep things still, I go and purposely move. it. What do you think?
I'm going to keep looking thru the William Neill books, and work on this type of art some more. I'm inspired!
Sorry Mom!


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