Friday, April 1, 2011

2011-04-01: Emery Swanson Photo Sells for $1 million Dollars! TTE Part 4

Woo hoo! Yes that's right! I made my first sale!
The fourth installment in the "Though the Eyes..." series has sold for 1 million dollars!  The idea was given to me by one of my repected followers, Jordan of Laconia... Jordan responded to my request for ideas for the TTE series. Jordan's idea is here in living color..Through the Eyes...

...Of a Dead Goldfish

Aperture: F/64 ; Exposure: 3 hours; ISO: 3200 

Taken by placing my camera in a ziploc bag with a 10 second delay and dropping it in the toilet.

Now I can afford a new camera after the ziploc leaked.... All right, I know...April Fools...

But making the big score could happen. It did for one of my favorite photographers, Peter Lik. Check out this link to a photo called "Once " that he took in NH on the Androscoggin River. This really did sell for a million bucks back in January. Unbelievable art. By the way, this isn't a joke. Peter Lik - Once. Oh, and Peter has a new show on the Weather Channel on Thursday nights where he travels the world and shows us how he gets his shots. Check it out.

Ok, enough of the hijinks...Have a good day!

By the way, we are encountering a snow storm here in NH..No really... I swear. It's happening right now! Why doesn't anyone believe me?


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  1. Thank you for making me chuckle this morning, while I'm snowed in..... Love this pic series!!!