Monday, September 23, 2013

P52 Week 37: Oops I Did it Again...

Hello faithful reader. Many apologies for skipping last week. So gotta play catch-up.
Been a crazy couple of weeks at work. I've been spending more time leaning toward the left side of this picture than the right. Which is a good thing, since that side pays most of the bills.

While photography may have been a lower priority this week, I did manage to document a bit of my life.
I helped my buddy Dilip build some Golu or Kolu steps.

It is for the Hindu holiday Navratri. It was great getting the tools out of storage and creating that sweet, beautiful smell of sawdust. Nobody lost any fingers, but Dilip did learn how NOT to drill thru metal, and managed to lose a finger nail.

Watch out Dilip. That sucker is gonna spin

And I also went to a team BBQ at my friend Ramesh's house. Good people, food, games, and Sue's famous Jello Shots.

Bet you folks back in NH miss those...

Oh Oh Oh!....Ask me abut my Balls....
What this about your balls?"
Funny you should ask...

So, Ramesh asked if I had any outdoor games for his BBQ. I said I had Bocce Balls, and I explained the game to him.

2 Points
When he was writing up the Evite, he forgot what they were called, and wrote "Come for BBQ, Badminton, Cornhole, and Emery's Fun Balls..."Luckily, someone corrected him, but I heard about it. What a hoot...he's so funny. Not one to let that slide, I brought my Fun Balls:

We had a blast. I work with a great team of folks which makes going to work, fun.

On a photography note, I did manage to squeeze some reading into my time, and finished a book by Andrew S. Gibson called "Slow'. It's about slow exposure techniques. A great read, which can be found here at Craft and Vision. Check it out!

That's all for now folks...Til next time...Stay awesome!

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  1. glad u are meeting new friends they sound like a fun bunch.... and YES we miss the Jell-O shots