Monday, September 9, 2013

P52 Week 36: This week in Pics

I had an awesome week last week. Made it to Friday in such a good mood. Not worn out and beaten down by a miserable job. But instead invigorated by great people and fresh opportunities and new challenges. My only conflict is loving technology again, which is digging into my photography time....So much fun, so little time. (Ok, maybe it also helped that it was a 4-day work week, and football started this weekend - GO PATS!)

Had a great visit last weekend with my daughter Taylor. She had to go back home Monday. It was a short but very sweet visit. Love you honey! Thanks for putting up with my camera...I have to practice portraits somewhere, right?

Taylor in Charlotte
So what else did I do this week? Went to a meeting of Concord Photographers Group. Always gets me re-inspired. This week we learned about historical photo websites. Very neat seeing scenes from way back when. Makes me want to make memorable pictures all the more. If you're interested, check out these three:

Please let me know of others you may know about.

Speaking of way back when, Sue and I went to the Metrolina Expo. Acres and Acres of antiques and collectibles.
Stolen Shot of a Trike
It was very nostalgic seeing toys back from when I was a kid, or things I know I had seen in my parent's and grandparent's houses. I would have had more pictures from the day, but I got warned by a proprietor that cameras are a no-no at things like this. Sue has told me that before too. I would have argued the point, but instead I spent more time enjoying what I saw instead of spending time taking pictures. Kind of like not having your camera when the perfect sunset comes out. Sometimes you just need to enjoy the moment yourself.

There were a few antique autos that I managed to get some shots of without being harassed:

It was a good expo. Spent about 2 1/2 hours there and only saw 1/2 of it. We'll go back next month I'm sure. I almost escaped unscathed. Kept trying to convince myself that "We're trying to simplify. We don't have room for more junk". Almost got out of the gate, but I saw a ball jar of marbles and HAD to buy it.. Oh well - they're small.

Jar O' Marbles
Lastly, in keeping with my sister-in-law's request to take pics from around my area, here are a couple I took while out on an evening bike ride. Totally unrelated except they are from around town:

Morrison Blvd. Office
South Park Spider
I'm trying to make arrangements with my office building's owner to get up on the roof and take pictures of the area. So hopefully in the near future, I'll have some less scary shots. (unless you're afraid of heights)..
6060 Piedmont Row - my Office
Well, there's this week in pics. Check out those historical photo links I provided. Good stuff!
Have a great one!

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  1. love them all as usual don't you just love flea markets!!! looking forward to next weeks blog.
    #1 fan