Monday, September 30, 2013

P52 Week 38: Red, White, and Blue...Not Black and Teal

A Happy birthday shout-out to my little sister Susan! Love her to pieces, and so proud of her.
Gave her a Birthday call yesterday, and she reminded me that she loves reading my blog, and then scolded me for my short posts as of late. 
Yours truly and little Sis
I know, I know…I’m a week behind. No excuse, but I had some personal matters to take care of last week, and have been way behind on sleep. So hopefully, things are settling down now, and I’ll be able to stay on top of things. 
Spoke too soon.
Pats were on til Midnight Last Night, and then I just HAD to watch the Breaking Bad finale til 1:30..Stupid me.  Hated myself today at work, for sure! When will I learn?

In Uniform, ready for the game
Speaking of football, Sue and I went to the Panthers/Giants game last week with a friend from work who has season tickets. Don’t worry, I’m not changing my colors to black and Teal, but I sure will root for anyone that can beat the Giants 38-0 and can sack Eli Manning 7 times. Great game! And it’s a plus having a stadium 6 miles from the house, and going to a game where it is not 5 below and snowing. I’m getting spoiled down here!
Here’s some shots from the game.

Skyline from Bank of America Stadium

What's more embarrassing?
Being a Giants fan?
Or having your buddy wear an all gold body suit?
You see all types at a Football game.

God Bless America

Pano view from the upper deck..
Not a bad seat in the house!

1 of many Extra Points

Apre Game at Duckworth's
Sue and I had a great time with our friend at the game. Thanks for inviting us Debbie!

What else have I been doing??? Processing and shipping out canvas prints to some top fans! “Spreading some smiles, 1 wall at a time”. Also, trying to find some time to redo the website. Smug Mug, where I host my site, has redone things to help make cooler looking sites. And that means, I need to change things up to take advantage of the new features.  So, there will be some great new stuff in the coming months.

Ok, photography stuff of the week..The latest book I've been reading is Time Lapse, by Dave Delnea. (Found here at Craft and Vision). I'm always trying to be a sponge and learn whatever I can in my craft.  Time lapse photography is the art of incorporating motion into a still scene by adding many exposures, taken at different intervals.  Kind of like a movie.  To do this, I'll need an INTERVALOMETER....That's a remote that allows you to trigger the camera at varying and multiple intervals. Didn't know what one was last week...Now, I've got one coming in the mail... :-) So I'll be doing some new experimenting in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Next week's post will have some shots from the Lyda Farmers Market in Hendersonville, and NC Arboretum in Asheville. Made the journey there to the Blue Ridge Mountain area this past weekend with the Charlotte Photographers Group. So y'all come back now and check it out!  

Have an awesome week.

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  1. PHEEEW I thought I was a week behind, I can not wait to see your new stuff that u have learned always exciting to read your ya lots. Have a great week I know I will :)