Tuesday, June 18, 2013

P52 Week 23 : My Out Of Body Experience...

With the exception of weddings and funerals, I haven't been to church in about 20 years. That is until yesterday. I kept looking up, expecting to be struck by lightning.  Organized religion just doesn't do it for me. Like politics, I just want people to keep their opinions to themselves. Or at least stop trying to cram it down my throat. I have my reasons. And I do believe in HIM. And I believe that if you are a good person, that should be good enough. But I've been told I'm going to HELL if I don't BELIEVE. But it is that kind of thinking that just turns me off. In any event. I haven't been since my kids were very young. That was until yesterday.

My new boss asked me 2 weeks ago week if I would like to go to church. And I said, "No thank you. I'm not a church-goer." And he asked me again this past Friday. And I said "No Thank you". And he immediately asked again. I thought about it a second, and thought "New company, new boss.. He is asking me to join him. I figured that it wouldn't kill me, and might do me some good. So I said "Sure, where is your church?" He told me, and we planned on meeting for the 11am service on Sunday.

On Saturday, I went hiking along Lake Wiley. First time I've really been out in about 2 weeks since I slipped and pulled my leg. It was an easy 2 mile hike, and I spent a lot of time stopping and taking pictures. I know it is all Gods handiwork. And I appreciate and marvel at the beauty all around me.

I really enjoyed this hike because I'd stop and talk to other people. Or they'd stop and look at what I was shooting. People are SO friendly here. I love it! Folks here don't seem to be in such a rush, and they love to chat. Despite this lovely day, I still said to myself many times "I can't believe I have to go to church tomorrow".

Anyway, Sunday came, and I dreaded going...Thought about backing out. But my word is my word. So I went. And got to the Church and saw about 500 cars..Ug. I was there early. Too early perhaps because I kept thinking. 'Go home..." But I managed to get out of my car and go in. And again, people were very friendly. The church was broken up into 2 big rooms, and I couldn't find my boss. So I sat by myself, and chatted with the folks around me. And you know, the service was ok. I enjoyed the sermon. But, church as a whole wasn't doing anything for me. Anyway,  I went. I survived. It didn't kill me. And that's that.

Now a couple of hours later, I went out for a bike ride. Saw a park on Google earth called Freedom Park in Charlotte. It was 5 miles from me, so I decided to really test my leg and go for a ride. Now when I got to this place, I really thought I was having an out of body experience. There were so many walks of life in this park. Whites, African Americans, Spanish, Asian, straight, Gay. Everyone just getting along, and playing, picnic-ing, bike riding, walking, flying kites, and laughing. This was what heaven was to me. Just everyone getting along and living life. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. 

I had a good time riding around and exploring. I followed a trail for a few miles, and it happened to lead me to the park with the view of the skyline, that I showed a week or so ago. Hmm, I'm really getting to know the area! 

After a bit of exploring, I figured I'd better get back home. I checked GPS on my phone and saw a shorter way back home than to retrace my steps.  So, I headed on my merry way. Every now and then I'd stop and check the GPS. And voila! Phone dead..Em Lost. No one around...Good grief. Guess I don't know the area as well as I thought I did. Well, it took me about an hour and a half to find my way home. Good thing about the trip was that half of it was down hill. Unfortunately, the other half was up hill. But the best part was that I lost 4 pounds on my ride! I had gone about 15 miles, and the leg felt good. Woo hoo!

Anyway...It was an awesome weekend. Oh, by the way...I made sure to tell my boss that I was at church yesterday and figured that he must have been in the other room. He said "Oh, I didn't go. How was it?"
SON OF A B....! ;-)

So, unless I get struck by lightning, or fall down another hill, or fall off my bike, or nearly poke my eye out (Oh yeah hon...I didn't tell you about that one..did I?) , then I'll see you back here next week!

Have a simply beautiful week!

PS. Does this ball make me look fat?


  1. Lol!!! You should ask him to go on a bike ride with you, just don't let him read your blog first!