Sunday, March 31, 2013

P52 Week 13 : Excitement!

How exciting! This week's Photo Challenge was from my daughter, Taylor and Son-in-law Jeremy.
And since I finally figured out how to do a screen print from my iPhone, here's the assignment:

Incidentally, if you want to know how to do a screen print on your iPhone:
Hold down the Sleep button, and hit the home button. You'll hear a click. Voila! Screen print is saved in your camera roll.

Hmm. Feeling of excitement... I was struggling with this for a few days...On Thursday, I went for a haircut, and my stylist Brooke (She's the best! From Lisasha's in Gilford...There's a plug...) gave me a good idea. Head over to the competition and get a pic of their sign...BAM! Great idea:

There, broke the ice. Now what? It was a regular week. Nothing exciting happened. I've been too busy staying up late studying some new Datawarehousing stuff for work. WAIT! That's exciting for me! I should have taken a pic of my books...Ok...I did... Here's a self pic I took this morning of 2 of my favorite subjects. Photography and Technology:

What else? Sold a couple of pictures! One of them being:

Checkin' Ewe Out
That was personally exciting! Just in time for Easter.
But the most exciting time I had this week was helping my daughter Ashley at her work. She is the activities director at Forestview Nursing Home. And what a job she does. The care she gives is  amazing! Anyway, Ashley had an Easter party for the residents and their families, and I took pictures for their website. If you know me, portraits aren't my forte, but I love to be able to help out. And it was Ashley's birthday, so it gave me an opportunity to spend the morning with her. The exciting part of the day, was watching the joy in the eyes of the residents, and the children there, when the Easter bunny came in  (who happened to bear a striking resemblance to Ashley). Here are some pics from the day:

Well, there is my response to the challenge of the "Feeling of excitement". Hope you enjoyed it...And now, Gotta run...I've got a call to take. And that makes me excited!

See you next week. Have a great one!