Monday, March 25, 2013

P52 Week 12 - More Spring

Wow, it was a busy week! I didn't have a blog assignment this week, so I'm on my own. And you'll probably be able to figure that out from the disjointed post this week. I think it will be all over the map.
Wasn't sure what to shoot this week. I've been up late every night, and spending my lunch hours learning some new skills for work. Studying Sql Server 2012 (SQL2012), Sql Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and Sql Server Reporting  Services. (SSRS). That's a lot of  'S's right there. Needed to get some Data warehousing skills onto my resume. You know me: Computer geek. And I love to learn!
Anyway, didn't have any free time, so I tool advantage of the lovely 1-hour commute, and the beautiful blue skies this week. Opened the sunroof on the car and stuck my camera out, and got some beauties!

That's ok, right? I wasn't txting. (And I was stopped at a light).

What else happened?
Got a new iPhone 5.. I had the 4 and the Start button has been failing for the last month. You'd press it and nothing would happen, and it would get me all irritated. Wasn't sure what to get. Another iPhone or the Samsung...Decided to stick with Apple. My contract was up on the 20th, and I was there at Verizon, enlisting for another 2 years. I do love the phone, but I don't love the $400 I had to shell out for the phone and the insurance.  I did need something dependable to stay in touch with the world. Anyway, with a new phone, there are new apps to get. Found one called Double Cam. Shoots towards your and then away from you automatically.

That is almost worth the price of admission right there!

What else did I do this week....Hmm. Oh! I got my taxes done and filed. Grumble...Nuff said about that...

Oh! I had to put together a portfolio for a client who is looking for shots of the Lakes Region in spring...We had snow and there's lots of mud around here this week. Nothing worth shooting in that regard. So I had to dig into the archives and pull out some shots.

    Laconia Bandstand at Rotary Park 

Tannery Hill Bridge, Gilford

Here's Looking at Ewe
Ramblin' Vewe Farm, Gilford

Sap's a-Runnin'
Bolduc Farm, Gilford

And yes the Sap was a' Runnin as the Fahmas like to say. Headed over to my father-in-law's on sap house yesterday, and did get a ton of shots in. Sorry to say I didn't have many ready to post. Some other time perhaps. 
Well, here's one shot, that I just threw together to give ya'll a lesson. One thing that is really hard is to get a shot without phone lines or signs in the way...For instance, some of my earlier covered bridge pics have telephone wires in the way. Really messes up a shot. Photoshop has a great tool called Content Aware. Simply draw around the offending obstruction, such as the electric wires and guide wires in the sap house here...

Hit Edit, Fill, Content Aware.. and Voila! No more wires! (Well I did it really fast, so if you look close, you may see some).

 And next, throw it into Topaz Adjust (Love this tool), Add a Bold Effect, and it comes out rather nice, if I do say so myself. A little bit of Currier and Ives in New Hampshuh...

Bolduc Farm Sap House

Anyway, I did get a new assignment for next week all the way from Austin, Tx, courtesy of  my daughter Taylor and son-in-law, Jeremy. "The Feeling of Excitement!
That's a good one. Excitement in Muddy and Cold New Hampshire. Hmm.  I'd better put my thinking cap on early! 
Check out their adventures at America Y'all. Its's a great blog!

Speaking of Taylor, one last story before I sign off for the day. So, the other day, after I got my iPhone, I was heading to the store. And my phone rang. My very first call! Didn't recognize the number, because, who remembers phone numbers anymore? And I hadn't loaded my contacts in the new phone yet. Anyway, I said hello and could barely hear anyone talking. I was like "Hello? HELLO? Who is this?? Very faintly I heard "IT's Taylor!" Boy did I feel dumb not recognizing my daughter's voice. Then I realized that the plastic sheet was still on the phone covering the ear piece. DUH! Peeled it off and I could "hear her now". What a dope I am....:-)

Hey! Y'all have an exciting week, ok?


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