Sunday, March 17, 2013

P52 Week 11 - Signs Of Spring!

This weeks challenge was by my good friend Brooke Swanson. (no relation)...And hey Brooke - Love your name! lol. Brooke's challenge to me was 'Signs of Spring!"  She gave me this on Friday morning. Thought it was a great idea! And then it snowed...again... Any thoughts I had of finding buds starting to emerge from the ground were dashed. I'm sure they are there...Buried.
Signs of Spring...Hmmm. Gonna have to put on my thinking cap..
With camera in hand...I went out Saturday morning..

First stop, Spring Street! Uh-huh! A clever lad, aren't I? Not going to let a little snow get me down. While I was there, a gentleman, walking his dog came over to see what I was doing. I was next to a snowbank, and he thought I was trying to make it look like a mountain shot. I wasn't, but it was a funny idea! So here is my mountain view...

Next up, I thought I'd go down to the little Winnisquam and get some shots of the bob houses before they sink into the lake. It was cold, but the sun was shining...Spring is on the way! As this fisherman can attest. Just fishing and soaking up the sun.

Further down Winnisquam, Sponge Bob Square House, was also soaking up the sun. waiting for his owner to come rescue him. Bobhouses have to be off the lake by April 1st, but we have had some warm days. It would be a good idea to get this guy off sooner rather than later.

I drove around, looking for more signs of Spring. Headed over to my father-in-law's sap house to see if they were boiling. That's always a good sign of spring. Nope. Was too cold and the sap was not running.
Next, I headed over to the Ramblin' Vewe Sheep farm to see if the lambs have been born yet..But didn't see anyone around, and didn't want to just barge in. Will try another time. So those two springy ideas were out.
Next, while I was out and about, I stopped by Lowe's to pick up some things. First thing I saw was the Line up of shiny new grills in the snow, ready to go. If that doesn't mean Spring, I don't know what does.

Inside, there were plenty of signs of spring. Seeds, garden tools, lawn furniture, and grass seed.
Spring is almost here! (And so is yardwork).

After running my errands,  I went home and worked on my taxes. Another Sign of Spring. Albeit, one of the worst signs.

After spending hours getting receipts together and plugging things into turbotax, I needed a creative break and went down to my studio.(aka workshop) and pulled out my lightbox. And in honor of St. Patrick's day...

I find that I do enjoy product photography, so whenever I have a chance, I'm all over it.

As a last play on 'Spring', I took apart a ballpoint pen and used my macro lens.

Before finishing up my assignment, I wanted to take one last look around the yard looking for signs of spring. Sue told me to look right outside our front door at the Climbing Hydrangea..Wished I thought of that sooner..Would have saved me some gas! 

Happy St. Patrick's day folks. Top 'O the Morning to ya, and the rest o' the day to myself..
Till next week!

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