Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011-11-19 An Evening with Groucho...

...And Sue, and Ellie, and Ernie... Went to the free Putnam Fund show last night at Laconia HS with Sue and my In-laws. The Putnam Fund hosts "Arts" shows using funds from a long ago bequeath. Last night, they hosted the show "An Evening WIth Groucho". This is a 1 man award winning show (Well, one plus a piano player) that has toured around the world. From the time Frank Ferrante sat behind the mirror while talking to the audience, and adorned trademark moustache, eyebrows, cigar, and floofed up his hair, I thought I was watching an old Marx brothers movie. He was fantastic! And being a Marx brothers fan, I was impressed. The one liners, the histroy of the Marx brothers, the scenes from movies, the dialog with audience was fantastic. And his director/piano player Jim Furmston was a wonderful player (of old Marx Bros movie music) and added perfect subtle humor to the show. Here are some shots:

 If you ever get a chance to see Mr. Ferrante (on PBS sometimes), I recommend it! But only if you want to laugh!
What else is happing with me...I took shots yesterday of the NH Volleyball Player of the year. The shot took up about 60% of the front page of the sports section today. Above and over the fold! Luckily no new assignments scheduled for this weekend, so I hope it stays that way. Gotta finish battening down the hatches before the impending snow...I know its bound to come eventually. :-(
See ya

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