Friday, November 18, 2011

2011-11-18: Plymouth State/Framingham State Hockey

Covered my first hockey game last night. Went quite well I thought. See the Citizen Online for the story. Plymouth won 4 to 2. I had some pretty good shots, after reading up on hockey photography the night before. Toughest part was getting the guy's numbers in the picture so I could clearly label them. And then of course, you have to deal with the speed of the action, the horrible lighting in an arena, getting somewhere where the netting or safety glass isn't obstructing your view. For those who might try it, I set my ISO on Auto, which really ran at 800. Had my camera on Shutter priority and set primarily at 1/200. That seemed to work. And white balance was Flourescent.
I met one of the player's mom (Richie Zobak's), so I promised her I'd try to get some pics of her son in the paper, or at least on the blog. He got the first goal, which was very cool as he got it in while he was tripped up. At the time, Plymouth was down 2-zip.  His pic didn't make the paper, but I've got some shots below. Mrs. Zobak, contact me if you want me to send you some pics. Here are some shots from the game.

 Brian Johnson digging it out

 Jack Astedt Glove Save

 Phil Arnone anticipating the pass

Richie Zobak

 Richie Zobak

 Alex Cottle (I believe)

 Richie Zobak

 Richie Zobak Shoots and Scores!

 Tim Visich  This shot made the paper

 Tim Visich

 Alex Cottle (this also made the paper)

 Alex Cottle

 Phil Moore (Phil scored also)

I had to race out after the 2nd period in order to drive the 45 mins home, review my shots, and get them to the newspaper in time for printing. Deadlines! It was a great game, sorry I missed the last period, but no one scored in that period anyway. Oh, one of my shot is above the fold in the printed paper today.
So what's next for Em? Football. Check.. Soccer..Check. Volleyball..Check...Guess we have basketball coming up I imagine. Oh, took shots today of the Gilford HS Div II volleyball champion player of the year. Check out Saturday's Citizen for that.
Hopefully next year, I'll be down in the end zone in Foxboro, or along the ice at the Boston Garden..And it would be nice if the NBA got going again and the Celts called. That's my new get trampled by a player while I'm getting that Sports Illustrated shot. We'll see!

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