Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2011-04-12: Up Early!

The rivers are flowing like crazy with the snow melting and the torrential rains yesterday..So I wanted to get up early today and go the the brook under the Tannery Bridge. Things weren't as wet as I'd hoped, and wouldn't you know the sun decided to come up early today..

Spring Runoff

Aperture: F/32; Exposure: .6s ; ISO-100;  Taken 6:57am
Shutter Priority Mode. 300mm Zoom

I decided that I need some new tools when I go out shooting...Let's see, I need some limb cutters and some rope to get to that branch that is in the way of my shot here. I think it would have been a better shot if that was missing. Ya can't have everything...But I thought the river direction going back and forth, and being framed between the rocks, worked pretty good. In any event, it was a beautiful morning to get out in the fresh air.

Have a beautiful day yourself!


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