Monday, April 11, 2011

2011-04-11: Back to Reality?

Well the rush of the fair is over, and I can concentrate on what I've been neglecting....My family? Gotta make some phone calls...My job? Haven't been neglecting that...I'm still employed...Chores? Yeah, the snow is melting and I've got to get going on some yardwork...And my garage and workshop are a mess...My photography? Yeah, even that has been rushed lately...
But this morning I left early to go to the office....Passed over a brook with rushing water...Was going to hop out, but I was in traffic. Saw a great scene over the Mosquito Bridge...Again-traffic, and nowhere to park. Grr. But I was able to pull into a parking lot up near where those stooges were stuck on the ice last week. And got this cool foggy scene.

All's Calm

Aperture: F/8; Expoure: 1/15s; ISO-100
With Zoom Focal Length 75mm

Very relaxing drive to work, followed by a hectic day....But this was a good way to start the day..
There! Another post done, and I can concentrate on the family tonite.

Have a good one!

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