Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011-04-13: Tannery Bridge from the inside

I've been enjoying talking to some new potential club members, and it just makes me realize how more I enjoy this hobby. All I need now is a grant so I can take pictures all day long...I was going to get up again early this morning in search of something new on the way to work. But the drizzle put the cabbosh on that. So I'll just post something from yesterday's trip to the Tannery Bridge in Gilford.

Aperture: F/4 ; Exposure: 1/8s; ISO-100, Wide Angle Lens
4/12/11 7:07am Aperture Priority.

Which do you prefer...The original or the Black and White?

One thing that I find myself doing more and more, is using Aperture Priority(AV) or Shutter priority(TV) mode more and more as opposed to going full manual mode like I used to.
For instance, for still objects, like this bridge here, I shoot in Aperture priority which allows me to control the depth of field myself, and the camera will control the exposure. For the babbling brook yesterday, I used shutter priority which allows me to choose the length of time that the shutter is open. Then I can get the smooth, silky water effect, while the camera will control the correct aperture for that shot. I've been pleased with the results, and am able to take fewer shots to get one I'm happy with.

Ok, lunch time's over...back to work....Anyone have that grant for me?


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