Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011-04-07: The winners of today's Einstein Award.....

I'm going to interrupt my "preparing for the Art show" theme this week and switch to the "This is why I carry my camera wherever I go" theme...I'm driving to work this afternoon. Beautiful sunny day..I cross over the Winnisquam bridge and see that the ice is rapidly melting. It's starting to actually look like spring may get here..And I notice that there is a boat with 3 guys already out on the little patch of water. Probably getting a shake-down cruise in a bit early, I'm thinking..Anyway, I drive along and stop at the post office. They were closed for lunch and I had to wait 10 minutes. Then I mailed some stuff for work, and continued on. I passed another stretch of water near the Lord Hampshire Inn and look out my window at the water and this is what I see.

Today's Einstein Award Winners...

I pulled over, grabbed my zoom lens and camera and shot these guys for about 10 minutes. They were stuck on the ice. They were jumping and pushing off with oars, going forward and backwards...Very funny...Bunch o' dopes. Maybe they were trying to get around the April 1st deadline for gettting bob-houses of the lake. But most likely, they were just dumb.
And that my dears, is why I bring my camera everywhere.
They were gone by the time I came by again going home from the office. So I'm guessing they were ok.
Takes all types...

Until tomorrow.