Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011-04-06: T-Shirts and T-3 days and counting

Yesterday I posted the new sign...Today it's the T-Shirts.. With 3 days to go till the show, I guess I'm getting a bit nervous...I think I have all my T's crossed and my i's dotted, but you never know. It's the fear of the unknown. "What if they don't like me or my art?" Nah - I couldn't care less about that. I'm only going for the experience, and if I do sell something, then that's just gravy. But what I'm scared about is crowds...I just looked online at some past Art and craft fair event and it looks crowded...I don't do well in crowds... But the more I think about it...I don't like crowds when I have to be somewhere, or have to get though them (like at the grocery store-ug). But for the fair, I just have to be there and have nowhere to go...Hmm. I think I talked myself out of being anxious. Whew...Allright, piece-o-cake. Let's get it going...
Anyway, here's what you came to see.

I have a flock of my minions who will be coming and going through the Fair sporting these and trying to get more of the crowds to come my way...We'll see how it goes. I'm ready for them!

Till tomorrow
Em (of "Emery Swanson Photography" Fame) ;-)

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