Friday, April 8, 2011

2011-04-08: MRI

Well you know my knee is torn up, and I finally had an MRI yesterday. You know me, I had to ask the tech if I could take a picture. She said, "As long as I'm not in it!". So I got this boring little shot. Nothing fancy, but it does chronicle something in my day. This was taken with my iPhone. I was worried about the magnetic fields messing the phone up, but they said I'd be ok if I didn't get any.

Tunnel of Hope

I was actually starting to feel better this week and was wondering if I needed the MRI. But today while setting up for this weekend's Art Fair, I twisted it again. Arghh! So now I have to wait until next Thrusday when the Orthopedic Doctor gives me the results and plans for the next course of action.
Well I'll be able to sit alot this weekend and hopefully stay off it.
I drove by the golf course today...And they opened. Oh gosh. that hurts..Won't be golfing for awhile.

Well maybe I'll make a ton of dough tomorrow and forget about what ails me!
Wish me luck!

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