Monday, February 14, 2011

Project 365: 2-14-2011: Happy Valentines Day!

What a great day...I was suprised by my sweetie with a bunch of flowers delivered to my office...Shortly before she was surprised with a bunch of flowers sent to hers. Ha! Very nice!

I also surprised Sue with a whole stacks of Marshmallow Peeps on the counter this morning (she likes them better than cholcolates).

Couple of pics today in honor of the day of love.
First one is of Sue's card and a play-doh heart...What a romantic, huh? And yes Play-Doh still smells just as good as it always has!

Play-Doh Heart

Aperture: F/4.5 ; Exposure: 1/60s; ISO-400

The second is an alteration of an idea I got from fellow bloggers. Music is from Dave Matthews (Lover Lay Down), ring is mine...

Kiss Me Now
Aperture: F/10 ; Exposure: 1/6s; ISO-100

Kisses & Hugs!


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  1. How romantical! <3 Very nice dad! Happy Valentine's Day!