Saturday, November 23, 2013

P52 Week 45: Family Time

Gee, I thought I could slip one by, but my conscience in Michigan reminded me I've got a blog to keep up with!
We had our son Jordan and his GF Shelbie down for a few days vacation. Haven't seen them since July and it did my heart good to have them here. Anyway, I was too busy for camera work this week, but, "Have iPhone, will travel"... So all I have is iPhone shots.
The kids came all the way to NC, and Jordan wants to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. That's his favorite restaurant in NH, so of course we wanted him to feel at home. Who am I to argue? Ok, twist my arm...We'll go... :-)  Gave them a nice tour uptown, and stopped for some great wings and cold beer.

Jordan joins my weekly beverage shots...
We had planned on going to Chimney Rock on Saturday, but it was a cloudy, rainy day. Jordan asked if there was a guitar shop around.. Do we have one? Yessiree! A Big one.  Sam Ash's. So he and I went there while the ladies went off on their own and did "Girl shopping". Whew. Dodged a bullet there!

Wall of Guitars at Sam Ash's

We were done in about 1/2 hour. And planned to meet the girls at the Sleepy Poet antique store. They hadn't planned on us being done for another hour or so.  Women just don't know how to shop efficiently. With guys, it's Bing Bang Boom. You're done. Hmm... Sorry, my mind wandered for a minute...


Sleepy poet is a really cool place. Nostalgic

and Blue
We survived the day without spending too much money, and still managed to have a great time.

We know Jordan likes Bass Pro Shops, so we went there Monday morning in Concord Mills. For the Southerners  it is pronounced Con-Cord.  Unlike the REAL pronunciation up Nawth.... which is CONCERD. :-) Anyway, Bass Pro Shops was very cool. All of a sudden, I wanted to go out hunting. Easy to get caught up in all the outdoorsman type toys... Managed to get out of there cheaply too. Mainly because I have nowhere to put anything else. And also I do not have the time for new hobbies.. But maybe someday...(Those cross-bows looked like fun)...

The Ugly Sticks...

Fine for Hunting
Monday night was when the main activity of the vacation was....Going to the PATS/panthers game in Charlotte. When I came down to Charlotte in May, and interviewed for a job, I said to Sue, "Wouldn't it be cool of the Pats played the Panthers!" That night, the NFL schedule came out. Lo and Behold, they were playing! I got all excited and planned on getting tickets.  She reminded me "You don't have a job down here yet...". I did a day later though!  And I found tickets online shortly thereafter....DESTINY!

The Fam tail-gating
We had a great time. Found a spot to tailgate, right down the street from Bank of America stadium. And surprisingly enough, there were a lot of Pats fans there.

Our neighboring tail-gaters...A soldier and his wife from Mass,
now stationed in Fayetteville. Nice people...

Party Atmosphere
It is a great stadium with an awesome view of the skyline.

Let the Game Begin

Half-time Salute to the Troops
If you are a fan of the game, then you would agree that it was a good game...If you were a Pats fan, you would agree that the Pats got ripped off with a lousy call at the end of the game. Gronk was interfered with trying to catch an end zone pass. The refs threw a flag, and then took it away, thinking that the 7' plus Gronk wouldn't have been able to catch it anyway...You know, the ones he always makes.. I found this video on-line...You be the judge...

Bear Hugs now Legal?

Ah well, it's just a game (trying to convince myself)....The real pain was when I got back to work on Wednesday, and had to listen to my friends at the office razz me... Ug...

The next day, we were again going to try Chimney Rock...But the elevator to the top was not working. Dang, it just wasn't meant to happen this visit. Shelbie told us that we don't have to DO anything...They just came to see us, and whatever we do is all that matters..  Smart girl...She was right.
But we decided to go out and about anyway. We introduced the kids to IKEA. Hey - It was their idea! Great store. Smart people-them Swedes.  I managed to get out of that store unscathed too. Only spent about $25... A smart shopper - my wife is....

IKEA Warehouse

After which, we went back to the Con-Cord Mills mall, where we played some pool at Dave and Busters,. Good times!
Pool Boy

Pool Girl

On Cue

It was a short visit, only 3 days, but it meant the world to me. I've been worried about my bud since I moved down here.  It has done a world of good for him to be out on his own though, and I can tell that he has grown up a lot and is thriving.  And that makes me a very happy dad....


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