Sunday, July 28, 2013

P52 Week 30: Street Photography

I've been reading a great Street Photography ebook By James Maher.  so it inspired this week's post. I rarely do this type of shot, mainly because of a misinterpretation I had about shooting in public. I thought that if you took a picture of someone, you then would need a model release in order to post it. And that can be a drag, to carry around releases, and have to take the time to get them signed, etc. But after reading this book, I understand the law better. If you take a picture of a person in a public place, it is fair game, unless you are using that for advertising and such. If I post a picture of someone in public on my blog, or in a book, it is art and is ok. Now if I was in someone's home, that would be a different story. Of course, there are moral issues, and I would not want to post something to intentionally embarrass someone. I could, but that's not me.
Anyway, here's some shots from my week. Nothing exciting, but it's a start.

While out on a bike ride this week, I passed the restaurant where Sue, and Mom and I had lunch when I was down for my interviews in April. It's when Sue and I decided that we could definitely like to live in the city. And it's also where my favorite waitress works (Penny). I saw a guy walking in with his kids.. Looked like a good subject.

C'mon Kids! This is way better than Disney World..

On that same bike ride, I couldn't find many people out. So I went up on a parking garage and looked down over the Harris Teeter parking lot.  Finally saw this woman frantically searching for her keys. And the sign "Don't Forget..." seemed appropriate. The little kid in the sports car shopping cart spotted me, so I moved away. Didn't want them to think I was a sniper. She found her keys by the way.
Don't Forget
Went to see Dave Matthews Band last Wednesday in Charlotte.  Used the panorama on my iphone to catch this shot of the lawn people. Lots of empty blue chairs at this point. And the skies were ominous.

Waiting for the show.
And then the skies opened up. With every flash of lightning and boom of thunder, the crowds roared. It was pretty cool, until they announced that the lawn people and those of us with uncovered seats, would have to evacuate. The storm was coming straight for us. BUMMER! The show still went on, but not for us. I'll admit it was dangerous, but if I was by myself, I would have been dumb enough to stay. I mean, come on...It was Dave Matthews! But here's how bad it was. Walking back to the car there was a slight slope on the driveway...And the rain water was still over our sneakers...Yup. Lotsa rain.

Mr. Helpful
The next night, we went to see Keith Urban-one of Sue's favorites. Not my kind of music, but I'll admit that he is a great guitar player and puts on an awesome show. And we had 4th row seats right in the middle...And undercover...And it didn't rain...

Keith Urban
Walking out after the show... I spotted this energetic drunk singing and doing sit ups all by himself in the parking lot. That's the kind of odd behavior you look for in street photography.

Working off his beer

Sunday, Sue and I went to the farmers market. Brought my camera and tried some candid shooting. That's part of the fun of street shooting-get the shot and be discreet. I just kept my camera at my side on auto-focus and took my chances. Got this shot of some folks chatting.

 More gabbers by the potatoes and onions. It's a real social event at the market.
Big Pot-atoes
And lastly, got this shot of a farmer refilling his baskets. Yuck..Eggplant..
Eggplants 1.39/lb.

I also looked at a book by Ansel Adams this week. And one thing I noticed was the names of his pictures. Something I struggle with is coming up with a name for my shots. But it's something that you really need to do. Some of his shots were named so simply. Like 'Stump and dirt", (not a real name of his stuff, but something similar). So I'm going to make a point of naming all my shots and trying not to over-think things.

Hey, I hit 100 likes on Face book this week. Going to have to have a give-away to mark this occasion, so my thinking cap is on. And anyone who has like my page will be in the running. SO stay tuned!

Have an AWESOME week folks!


  1. Nice pics! Sorry about Dave Matthews... Glad you enjoyed Keith Urban! Miss you, and love you guys! :)

  2. I love the street photos great start to something new. I loved our farmers market and I miss it lots. have a great week love ya #1 fan