Monday, July 22, 2013

P52 Week 29: Snapshots

 Hey gang, If you're looking for any inspiring art this week, you will be greatly disappointed. I had a great week, but photography was far from my mind. As you know, Sue moved down here last Sunday after we got all our business taken care of back in NH. 2 months apart, and it was was wonderful reunion. And work was actually good this week too. I'm catching on to the new company, and I had someone waiting for me when I got home! So I was happy. Sue was busy unpacking, and decorating and turning our plain apartment into a home. I think she likes it here in Charlotte. And she said she was impressed with my familiarity with the area. She's not impressed with the 3 Red lights she said I blew through, but I've tried to explain that they are "Optional Red Lights". They weren't quite red. I think they were sort of yellow. I've definitely brought my defensive Boston driving skills with me. The thing is, if you miss a light down here, you wait AT LEAST 5 mins for another green....I know...I'll try to behave...

Anyway, my family has been haunting me for pics of our apartment. So this week, I'm just posting some hastily taken snapshots. And I'm doing some reading on street photography, so I'm hoping next week, I'll be back on track with some new stuff.
Without any further ado...Some before and afters

Living Room Before
Living Room Before
Living Room After
Dining Room Before

Dining Room After
Guest Bedroom Before

Guest Bedroom After...Sorry, guests....
Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
Hallway Before

Hallway After

Ok. some of those may have been an exaggeration, but I think Sue has done a great job. Here are the real afters:
Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Dining Room
 Dining Room

Guest Bedroom/Office

Guest Bedroom

Living Room

Living Room

So there you have it. The new digs. No lawns to mow, to driveways to shovel. Utopia!

C'mon down! I'll move the guitars and leave the light on. Speaking of guitars, we've got a great week of music lined up. Dave Matthews Band on Wednesday, and Keith Urban on Thursday. 8 miles away. Sweet! That will take care of Sue's and my upcoming 15th Anniversary.

Ok, come back again next week and see how my street photography went.

p.s. Here's a daisy from a bunch that my neighbor Velma brought over to Sue...Yup, she's the same great neighbor who was keeping me fed with chocolate cake the last couple of months....She's a sweetie.


  1. hahahhaha this made me laugh out loud. I especially love what she did with the hallway and the kitchen. Is that a stripper pole?! Something to do while you're waiting for your food to microwave? :p

  2. omg made my day lol. enjoy your new digs! I love my room btw, and you guys too!!!

  3. Of course it is a stripper pole. What house is complete without one? Sue has been watching the Doug Heffernan pole dancing video series..