Monday, June 3, 2013

P52: Weeks 20-22: Father Forgive me...

Or rather, Islanders forgive has been 21 days since my last blog-fession...

   So, how you do-in? What's new? Didja think I died or dropped off the face of the earth? Well, I have had some things to do and unfortunately photography was not at the top of the list. Hope to resolve that issue over the coming months. Anyway, I'm down in the land of warm people and warm weather. Down where the state's motto  is "Esse Quam Videri" (Latin for "To be, rather than to seem").  Pretty cool I think!

Welcome to NC, Em!
  Let's see, where last our hero left you, he was leaving his working home of 15 years at DSCI. After that came a few crazy days of packing...Loading up a Budget truck, towing the Car, and moving to Charlotte! I headed off for the wild frontier on the 16th, drove 12 hours and stayed in Virginia at my buddy Russ's place. Then on the 17th, I headed off for the final 6 hour leg of the journey. And it somehow took 10. Par for the course for me. Let's see: 2 hours in traffic due to a broken down car (on the other side of the highway!), and 2 hours because I could not find my hotel! GPS would not help! Tried calling for directions, but a language barrier between myself and the Indian hotel manager proved useless. I had to stop and ask a cop for directions.The cop helped me out. Thank you Charlotte PD! Turns out my printout of the hotel address was smudged and I was reading it wrong. My bad. And my apologies to everyone at Garmin GPS, and the Charlotte street sign workers,  who I cursed profusely. :-)

Yeah...Welcome, Indeed..... :-(
  Anyway, I arrived at the hotel late on the 18th, and passed out. And after getting a good nights sleep, I spent Saturday filling up a 10x16 storage unit,

then going to my least favorite place in the world (Any grocery store),

Ok, Maybe grocery shopping isn't that bad after all!

and then finding where my new office was. It was 4 miles away. On Sunday, I looked for an apartment. Problem is that there are thousands in Charlotte. And they all look good from the outside. This was going to take some time. Matter of fact, I was thinking it could be a full time job. I had a couple of potentials, but everywhere I drove, I saw one that looked better.  I was thinking I may be at my hotel longer than I planned. On Monday the 20th, I started the new job at Agdata . Whirlwind few days for sure!

Your's truly outside the new office.
   Anyway, I am very happy where I work. I'm on a team of about 12 people, and I'm amazed at the collaboration, sense of teamwork, and kindness that I'm surrounded by. I'm in a good place! Of course, it's only been 2 weeks, but I've got a great feeling about the company.  A new buddy from work suggested an apartment complex downtown where he used to live. I checked it out, and loved it! There were 2 vacancies. I applied and got in!  On the 24th, one week after heading out from New Hampshire, I was in a new home. 1 1/2 miles from work!! Sure beats the 50 miles I used to have to drive in NH! Only had to drive 1000 miles to get to this point, but it was well worth it! I'm right in the middle of all the action in the South Park section of Charlotte. Now I just need to get my honey down here. Sue is back home trying to sell our house and trailer.(Anyone interested in living in Gilford or Weare?)

The New Digs (2nd Floor)

   What else have I been doing? Well in my spare time, I've been buying furniture (Slept on a sleeping bag on the floor for a week), and moving stuff from storage to the apartment. I've been riding my bike, and walking every day. Trying to get in some sort of shape before the HOT weather gets here...And before the HOT wife moves down...I've gone to University of North Carolina-Charlotte to look at their botanical gardens.

At the UNC-Charlotte Botanical Gardens
I've been to Speed Street in downtown Charlotte where they hold outdoor concerts in honor of the Coca Cola 600 Nascar Race.

Redneck Mecca.. The NASCAR Hall Of Fame

Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick (And Host) at Speed Street

And I've gone hiking. Actually, the hiking was yesterday at The Pinnacle at Crowders Mountain State Park. Took an hour to hike UP the mountain, and 2 1/2 to get DOWN...Why? Well I slipped on some leaves, did a split, and think I pulled or tore every muscle in my leg. I could actually feel (Maybe even heard, the ripping). Don't think it was tendons, because I'd be screaming, right? Anyway, it hurt and I was scared. I found a stick and hobbled down. I'm feeling better today, thank you very much. Funny part was, when I was leaving, I heard some woman tell her husband "Now be careful and don't hurt yourself". And he replied "I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself". I went over and told him, "Yeah that's what I said to my wife when I told her what I was doing....Now I have to call her and tell her I hurt my leg". We both chuckled, and I limped over to my car and started the long hour ride home.Not chuckling any more...
   So now I'm on Advil and an ice packs, and I've had to cancel my Barn dancing lessons for tonite...Shucks.

Eagle soaring over the Pinnacle
The Pinnacle at Crowders Mountain State Park
Well, that pretty much brings you up to date on what the ol' Em-ster's been up to. With any luck, I'll stay out of mischief and be back next week for another thrilling episode of  "For the Love of God, what the heck has Em gone and done this week?"

Stay tuned!