Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ahhh.. Saturday!

It's been two weeks since I actively stopped covering sports for the Citizen. And I'm just starting to catch up with life. Had an awesome time last weekend with Mom and Sue. Got to do one of my favorite things, (drive around lake Winnipesaukee) and stop at one of my favorite hangouts on the water in Wolfeboro (Garwoods). Sat in the sun by the window, drinking a Sam's winter ale, and watched 2 sets of bald eagles soaring around the water. Really beautiful.

We enjoyed watching them until some guys on snow machines skimmed and scared them off.  Crazy bastards. Fun to watch, but I can't figure out the physics of it.

 It was a wonderful weekend!

What else? Sue and I set up for my gallery showing at the Gilford Public Library. It will be there for the entire month of March. 31 Potter Hill Rd, Gilford, NH. I was honored to be invited to show my work.

Here is a press release in the Laconia Sun.

I was psyched to see that I had 715 individual hits yesterday on my website! Thanks for all your support everybody! I hope you enjoy looking at my work. I love what I do and hope it makes you smile!

Oh! Yesterday I received my first big print order. 16 prints! 5 12 x18's and 11 24x30's. Took them to the framer to get matted and framed. Was shocked to hear they were matted by last night. Now I have to go sign them before they are framed. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow : practicing my signature. Problem is that it is different every time I sign my name. Maybe I'll have to get a stamp! Or Sign it 'X'. I think my signature is fancy...Sue says it's messy. I should have been a doctor. :-)

As I said, I've been trying to catch up on life...Off to Maine shortly to see my sister and brother and the rest of the fam for our Christmas get-together...What is it? March 3rd? Well, not just my fault...We've all been busy or sick or whatever...Anyway, looking forward to getting together. Always a fun time.

Hope you have an awesome weekend too!

'X' (em)

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