Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quite a month...

It's been a very busy month for me. I've been out straight with assignments for the Citizen. But I've given them my notice. I'll be unable to keep up with sports assignments because my company is moving to Manchester soon. The amount of driving I'll be doing will be too much. Plus Sue and I will be moving to Weare for May-October to be closer to the new office.

However, I did have an interview today with the Associated Press. Didn't go quite like I had hoped, but I got some great advice and direction. Met a real neat guy and now have a good contact. So I'll keep my eye open for breaking news, and you never know...I just may shoot for AP someday! I have discovered over the last 4 months how much I love photojournalism and will keep honing my skills.

What else? Finally completed and got orders for my first portrait session. Met a really nice woman at the GHS art show last December, and she asked me to do portraits of her family. That was a tough job, being my first, but it worked out very well. They're happy=I'm happy..

A school asked me if I would donate a couple of pictures to their fund-raising auction. You bet I did! I was honored to be able to help. I can't begin to explain the personal satisfaction that I feel about this. It helps legitimize this passion I have for photography.

What's next? The Gilford Public Library invited me to show my work for the month of March! Yowza! I am honored that they thought enough about my work to devote the gallery area to me. Very, very exciting! So that's part of my worklist for this weekend: finish organizing my prints for display.

In honor of that. Here is a coupon for prints on my website:

And last but not least, my pictures will be on display for the month of May at Awakenings Cafe in Laconia. Another great opportunity to get my work out in front of people.

Yes, 2012 is really starting out with a bang! Is it any wonder that I don't have time to blog very often?

Thanks for all your support and encouragement

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