Sunday, February 12, 2012

On Thin Ice

Busy weekend! Started Friday night covering the Prospect Mountian vs. Franklin basketball game. Then Saturday morning at the Great Rotary Ice Fishing Derby in Meredith, followed by a hockey game sat. afternoon. Kearsarge vs Laconia-Winnisquam. And today I took a much needed day off to spend with my wonderful wife Sue on her birthday. Great day spent with my best friend! XO

Back to the fishing derby. My son Jordan joined me on my assignment. Which made Sue worry two-fold about us falling thru the thin ice. It has been unseasonably warm in these parts this winter, and many events have been cancelled. But the derby was still held. Jordan and I met a lot of great people out there. We learned about ice fishing. And that 5 inches of ice is plenty safe. Ok. I was skeptical, but we're here to talk about it, so I guess it was. Anyway, I took some pics for the paper, and we'll find out today what gets published. But I promised my new fishing friends that I'd post them here at the very least. And I apologize that I may have some names wrong. I recorded them on my phone, and some didn't record. So if you see your picture here, please send me your name. And if you want a copy of the picture, send me an email and let me know. Contact me at Thanks guys!

Sun coming up over some open water in Meredith Bay
Unseasonably warm temps couldn't keep fisherman off the ice.
(This one made the paper today)

Fishing Derby board at the start of the contest

Too close for comfort for me...

(L-R) Brian Martin, Peter Muise, Ray Tatreau, Bob Mishral, Chuck Malagoti
The boys hamming it up

Chuck Malagoti resetting his lines after a misfire

Some fisherman cutting a hole

Even thin ice warnings and 1/2 a canoe didn't keep this guy from coming

John Higgins and Mark Frank

Thin ICE!

The 1st rainbow on the board
by 9am, the board was starting to fill up
(This one made the paper today too)

(L-R) Kyle Boudette, Brandon Dionne, and Sean Stewart

Mike Boudette and Shane Dionne

Kyle Boudette explaining ice fishing to me

Mike Boudette showing some hospitality and sharing his fire
Nice bunch of guys, Sorry- lost your names. Please let me know if you see this.
Wind started to pick up by the docks

The Mount in Center Harbor

My bud, Jordan

Well there you go..Some shots of the Derby. Looks like they were all having fun. I know I did.

Happy birthday my love!



  1. Great Pictures Emery. Looks like a fun day at the Derby, thanks for sharing.

  2. thank you for the photo op ypu take great photos i know both myself and john higgins enjoyed our short vist with you and your son thank again