Monday, November 14, 2011

2011-11-14: The Tilton Arch

No, not the Golden arches in Tilton, but the Tilton Arch...It was supposed to be the final resting place of Charles Tilton over a century ago, but never happened for him. I went for a ride at lunch to clear my head. Rough day at the orifice as they say. Anyway, I went to check out the arch. (You can read some history on that here)  I heard you can get some good pics at sunset. Well, it wasn't sunset, and was rather gloomy out, but I did what I could.

Wanted to get a shot up close and personal with the lion on the empty sarcophagus, but didn't have any rope or climbing shoes. So I thought outside of the box. I put my camera on the monopod, set the timer to 10 second delay and reached up for the shot. Only took about 3 tries to get it right.

Left my camera bag in this shot for perspective.

Afterwards, I walked over to the Arch Hill cemetary and took some shots. A gentlemen from the historical society (Jim Lamanuzzi -same guy from the linked article) happened to be at the town hall, saw me and walked over. He has been trying to get the cemetaries photographed and mapped out with a GPS. So we talked about that for awhile. Maybe that is something I can help with sometime..(Yeah, I know...In my spare time).

Anyway, it was a good lunch. Came back to the office, and found out someone moved my box again...Always have to think outside the box because you never can tell where it will be tomorrow. Poor Charles never made it to his box... Sigh.
On another note....WHAT A GREAT PATS GAME LAST NIGHT. 37-16 over the miserable Jets.
See you tomorrow. And please leave my box where it belongs.

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