Saturday, November 12, 2011

2011-11-12: Long day...

Long day today..And I only took 500 pictures. Let's see, I started out this morning at 9:30. Hit the bank, stopped at the Fire department to get a burning permit, went to BJ's, then went to Manchester to a Camera Flea market...Happy to say that I didn't see anything I wanted. And then covered the Plymouth/Trinity Division 4 football championship. Plymouth lost 30 to 14. Didn't stand a chance. Hopefully that is a consolation for my Laconia friends.What's next...Stopped on the way home to look for a Christmas present, and then went home. And had a fire. Had lots of stuff we wanted to burn before the snows come. So I sat by the fire with a bottle of wine and started to review my 500 pictures of the game. I really think I over did it. Gee ya think? And then I proceeded to take another 100 of the fire.

Well fire is out, pics have been submitted to the paper, wine is gone, and now blog is done. Think I'm going to hit the hay. Been a loonnng day, but I got a lot done.
Take care

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