Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011-04-28: Ah! Working upright...

The last couple of days I've been working while laying down, my leg up, and my laptop at a 90 degree angle. Feeling much better today, so was able to sit at the table, and stop working on my back (jeeze, I sound like a hooker). Anyway, feeling better, but still need to get reminded not to rush the recoup and do more damage. But gosh, it's only been a week and I am tired of this. I wonder how my wife managed to be laid up for 3 months after elbow surgery. I don't like this one bit.
But it was a nice day to work at the dining room table, and listen to the torrential rain. Very relaxing.

My Home Workstation

So, at least one more day working at home. Relax over the weekend, and then see if I can make it to the office on Monday.

p.s. Great Series between the Bruins and The Canadiens. Game 7 was fantastic...On to the next round!
Celts will meet Miami next week, and the Sox are playing pretty good after a bad start...Terrific time to be a Boston Sports fan!

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