Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2011-04-20: Not far from home..

There is this busy stream on Country Club road that I often drive by. This past Sunday when I was on my way to Salt Marsh Pond, I got a chance to pull off the road and get some shots. It had been raining all night and everything was drenched. But I had my mud-kickin boots and my rain slicker on, and trudged thru the muck and was able to get this shot of the brook. The river was raging with the rains and the winter run-off. Wish I had a tube to float down the river on. (Woulda sucked though once I hit the pipe going under the road)

Aperture: F/36; Exposure: 2s; ISO-100
Shutter Priority mode

Now I can cross it off my list of local places to stop.

It is a gorgeously dreary and rainy day today. Makes me so happy!
Well, I can't golf because of my knee and this is one more day that I am not missing being out on the course. 2 more days till surgury..
See ya tomrorow

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