Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011-04-03: Support Our Troops!

Sue and I had a reallly good day today. We went for a nice long ride. Went to a couple of antique stores looking for old china for Taylor's wedding. Found some. Also found an old chest that was really inexpensive to use as a coffeee table. Good score! Went to Common Man in Ashland and had a great lunch and a couple of pops. Next we went to the CM gift shop and found a couple of flags. That was important, because our next trip was to Manchester to pick up our friend Dave who was returning from overseas. Dave is on leave from the Army for a couple of weeks. Dave's wife works with Sue, and she broke her ankle badly a coupke weeks ago slipping on the ice. Dave wanted to surprise his wife (Susan) and didn't tell her he was coming home. So Sue and I got the honor of picking him up at the Airport. It gave us goosebumps seeing Dave getting off the plane. We proudly waved our flags so he could see us.

A Real Hero

This is Dave hugging my Sue. And you can see that he is glad to be home! And I'm not jealous because I got a big hug too! lol

This shot was taken with my flip video and  the shot was stripped out using some free capture software from X2X. Really simple to use software.

And we did get Dave home to surprise his wife. Sue called her and asked to stop by under some pretense to see how she was doing with her broken ankle. She was kind of down because she's been in pain, and misses Dave (hadn't seen him since September). Anyway, mission accomplished! We got Dave home and Sue was in shock!

Mission Accomplished

Sue and I feel really good that we could help in some small way. What a great day!

God bless America. Support Our Troops!

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