Monday, February 21, 2011

Project 365: 2-21-2011: Happy Birthday Mr. President...

One of my favorite Presidents. Actually, anyone who gets me a day off is ok in my book. So what am I doing today? Taxes. Boo...So here is a picture of the father of our country, flying away in honor of his birthday, and the taxes I owe. Right out the window.
Ok, it's actually taped to the window.  But I'm in a rush and wanted to get my post in so didn't bother taking 100 pictures of a dollar bill thrown in the air. Took the easy way out and just taped it.

Flying George

Aperture: F/6.3; Exposure: 1/40s; ISO-100

But on a good note! I did over come a major problem I've been having with a website design today. So hopefully I can start making some money by designing and selling websites, and start getting George, Abe, Hamilton, and any other significant historical figures to fly back my way. Time will tell!

Hope you all have the day off too


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