Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 365: 1-7-2011; Mt. Ossipee

While stopped by the lake in Melvin Village looking at the bob houses, I turned North-eastward and caught this shot of Mount Ossipee (I believe-if my bearings were right). I’ve been struggling with the color on the DSLR since getting it, and haven't been satisifed with the colors, but I think I got the white balance correct in this shot. I think I got some nice blues in here on this cloudy day. You can see the sky peeking thru the clouds.

Mount Ossipee from the Big Lake

Aperture: F/10; Speed: 1/500s; ISO-200; Wide angle Lens. 1/3/2011 12:54pm.

Alright, it was a wonderful ride around the lake. It is was great having no place to be and all the time to get there. But back to reality. Have to come up with some new subject matter for tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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