Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 365 1-5-2011 - Sunday Drive on Monday!

Getting Away!
Talked Sue into just going for a ride last Sunday. Away from the house and computer and chores. Took a nice long ride around Winnepesaukee. Beautiful sunny day for just me an my ba-by. Stopped in Meredith at the Etc. Shoppe and bought a couple things. One being a bottle that Taylor can use at her wedding for a center piece. Every time we're out we look for something that she'd like. Some old china or something with country-ish charm.
While out, we also stopped in Wolfeboro at Garwoods. It's a boathouse-type restaurant on the Lake. We had a great time. Good food, good wine, great company.
While in Wolfeboro, of course I had to take some pictures. Now, I wasn't going to, but I did happen to have my camera and Sue told me to...The shot below is the Dockside restaurant, where the Mount Washington Steamer pulls up to in the good ol' summertime. I tell you - it was a beautiful sunny day, but the wind was crazy! I was freezing, and it was really tough to get this shot. The wind was knocking me over. Strange though because it looks quite calm. Maybe it was the wine knocking me over. No-only had 1 glass.

The Dockside - Wolfeboro

Aperture: F/7; Speed: 1/200s; ISO-100; 1/2/2011 1:59pm.

We had a couple more stops along the way that I'll save for another day.

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