Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nov 2 - Election Day

Hey - I'm here again. As Promised..2nd day in a row for blog posting.

It's election Day...Big whoop. There are no choices that I can see. They're all liars and thieves anyway. But I'll go and try to pick the best of a baaaddd lot.

So whoever you vote for, just go out and do it!

On another note, got my truck back out of the shop yesterday. Only 60K miles on it and the head gasket blows. Cripes. Well, now I have a new engine, and let's knock on wood and hope it stays running.

Well can't chat for long, I have a photography meeting to go run, but here is my Shot of the day:

It is a shot of a hill east of Gilford Village. Just looks very cozy to me. Only thing missing is smoke coming out of the chimneys. Shot was take from about 1 mile away on Labonte Farm Road in Gilford. Speed 1/250s; f/5.6; ISO-320 with Telephoto Lens.



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