Monday, April 29, 2013

P52 - Week 17: Go South, Young Man

I've got a revelation that only my closest family knows about until now...Sue and I are moving...Where? 
Well, if you are a history buff, maybe you know what this statue represents....It is in Gettysburg.

Ok, bigger hint...It is a statue for the Sons of North Carolina that fought in the Battle of Gettysburg...Yup, North Carolina! Yes, these New Englanders have had enough of the snow, and are setting out for new adventures in the Carolinas.

So what's up with dat you say? Well, a year ago, my company moved an hour away, and I've been internally  (and externally) displaying my displeasure with the amount of time my life is wasting away by sitting in a car. Sue and I thought of selling our house to move closer to work, but we decided that if we have to sell, why not move to where we've dreamed of going. We had never been before, and it was a pipe dream. But we went down and loved it. I interviewed, and got a job!

Meanwhile, somewhere in Gettysburg
(I forget the address...)
And if you are wondering why my photography has seemed to take a back seat this year...Well unfortunately, it is because it had to. Since January, I have been pulling late nights studying new things and trying to take me career to the next level. And my hard work has paid off. In case you don't know, I pay the bills by being a Sql developer focusing on data mining and Microsoft Business Intelligence. And after studying, and searching for the next best job, I have re-ignited my passion for technology! That new job is at a company called Agdata in Charlotte. I start on May 20th and leave NH on May 16th. I gave my notice today at DSCI, and I've got a very busy 2 weeks before I go.

Sue and I are excited, as is our family..And it will be really hard to leave everyone. But, they keep telling us we have to do what we want to do for a change.

And so, we go..down the road in search of new adventures.  Stay tuned...


p.s. The Pats are playing the Panthers in Charlotte on Monday night, Nov 18th...I plan on being there with my Gronk shirt....

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  1. Love the post. It will be the best adventure ever. Love every minute of it!!