Sunday, March 3, 2013

P52 - Week 9 - Clover

This week's challenge comes from my son's girlfriend Shelbie...I didn't have an assignment for the week, and  went and opened my big mouth and announced that. Shelbie said, "How about Clover?" "Clover?", I answered, "the middle of winter is a lousy time for finding clover?" "Well, you wanted a challenge, didn't you?, she replied.  "Ya got me there, Shelbie". So Clover it is.
Now, where was I going to find clover? "A-Ha!" I said Thursday. There's an Irish Pub in Manchester near work called Murphy's taproom. Great place. They have to have clover on the sign. Nope...Just a gaelic design..Ok, what to do next?
Patrick's Pub right near us in Gilford! One of our favorite places. They've got clover (or shamrock) on the sign. Should have thought of that sooner.

That's how a pub sign should look. This is a great place to eat! And the owners are awesome.

Nabbed these shots off of the Patrick's Van.

My next stop was the grocery store. Lucky Charms! Pink hearts, yellow stars, blue moons, and green clover...That's how the slogan used to be. Not the case now...Mostly moons. I had to really dig in the box, and the clover are now replaced with leprechaun hats with clover on them. Oh well, still counts as clover. And it's still good cereal!

Went a little crazy after going to the grocery store (you know how I am)  and then went to the dollar store...Picked up a few things there. And back home, got out my Patrick's mug (from 2000), and Celtics beanie baby to complete the ensemble.

 There you go Shelbie...Your clover..

Next week, I'm going to the dogs... C'mon back now..

Have a great week

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